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The Purpose of Pre-Production Documents

No description

Eve Rowntree

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of The Purpose of Pre-Production Documents

The Purpose of
Documents The purpose of a Spider Diagram is to show ideas in a quick, creative way. You write a subject and draw lines coming off. When you think of something that can be related to that subject you write it on the end of the line. You end up with something that looks a little like a spider! What is the Purpose of a
Spider Diagram? A Mind Map is just like a spider diagram but instead of adding one idea to the main subject, you can add extra information to your branches. They are used for writing down your thoughts and ideas. They are a little more creative than spider diagrams but are more useful for expressing your thoughts. What are Mind Maps? You can use them for expressing information in a simple and creative way. What is a Mood Board? A Mood Board is a collage of images that are of the same theme or idea. They will be used to gather ideas or plan an assignment or test. Anyone can use a mood board. You could use it to collect ideas for a website that you are planning on creating, or for a school project. It's a very creative and useful way of showing themes/ ideas using pictures. A Story Board is used to show the key moments in a film or animation using images. You draw a few boxes and create an image from the animation in each box, sometimes adding some notes at the bottom. It is almost like a cartoon strip. What is a Story Board? Visualization Diagram A Visualization diagram enables you to see how something would look before it exists.
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