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One Night the Moon Stills - Imaginative Landscape

No description

Georgie Jones

on 23 August 2011

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Transcript of One Night the Moon Stills - Imaginative Landscape

Low Key The Imaginative Landscape 'One Night the Moon' How does this text influence our understanding of the context? Examine these stills from the film and answer the accomanying questions... What shot is being used here?
What is the effect of the harsh edges and symetry of the house on the viewer?
What comment might Perkins be making here about Jim's 'place' in this landscape? What does this shot suggest to us about Jim's
mental state? COMPARE THE FOLLOWING SHOTS: What do they tell us about differing relationships with the landscape? Look at the following stills and discuss:

- How they link with the context (ideas)...
- What 'prompt' you can derive from these ideas...
- What potential writing ideas they inspire...
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