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Characters From I Am David

No description

Samantha Crerar

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Characters From I Am David

Characters From I Am David
David is a 12 year old Jewish boy who grew up in a concentration camp.
He is kind and caring.
These traits are shown towards many people such as a girl named Maria who he rescued from a shed fire.
On top of that, David has helped many strangers with things like carrying their bags.
David is also very determined.
He kept trying throughout his entire journey and never gave up.
David is very mature and intelligent for his age.
How he thinks is advanced compared to most 12 year olds. He uses different strategies to get to where he needs to go such as...
Reading a bunch of big books and Atlases to find out more about where he wanted to go.
Getting 2000 lire, but not spending it all at once, and spending it on important things.
And figuring out how to escape the barn he slept in when a mean farmer took him and made him work on his farm all day.
David is very brave because...
He is only 12 and he escaped a concentration camp (which we wouldn't imagine is very easy to do).
He traveled across Western Europe all by himself
And fought his own battles, like when a boy named Carlo beat him up after he found him sleeping in his bush.
Overall, we'd say David is a pretty good person.
Maria is the girl that David rescued from the shed that was on fire.
Maria is very nice and generous.
She let David stay in her home, and she was very nice to him while he stayed there. She kept him company.
She is caring, too. She really cares about David and how he's doing.
When David eventually decided to leave her house, she was really upset about him leaving, we think that shows that she really likes and cares about him.
Carlo is Maria's brother and David's nemesis in a way.
He isn't exactly the nicest person...
He beat up David and wouldn't talk to him when David stayed at his house.
He is also violent considering he beat up David.
So, those are the 3 main characters in I Am David!
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