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Planning a Party in the 1950's

No description

Krista Marcone

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of Planning a Party in the 1950's

By: Krista Marcone Planning a Party in
the 1950's The Fifties Party Foods The Fifties Party Clothes The Fifties Party Activities
(Games, Dances + Songs) The Fifties Party Music -Rootbeer Floats
-Coke (served in glass bottles)
-Soda Fountains Girls
-Poodle Skirts
-Bobby Socks
-Saddle Shoes The Jitterbug, The Stroll, The Twist were all popular dances.
They normally danced to Elvis, The Everly Brothers, Jerry Lee Lewis, Nat King Cole. They normally danced to Elvis, The Everly Brothers, Jerry Lee Lewis, Nat King Cole. Workscited Page -http://www.dinnerandamurder.com/themes/50s.htm
-http://www.foodtimeline.org/fooddecades.html#50steens Boys
-Slicked Back Hair
-White T-Shirts
-Cuffed Jeans Teen Parties
Sugar Pops (Kelloggs)
Minute Rice (General Foods
Lawry's Seasoned Salt (Lawry's)
Legal Seafoods (Boston-based restaurant chain)
Diners Club (credit card)
Dunkin' Doughnuts (fast food chain)
Ore-Ida Foods (frozen potato products)
Duncan Hines Cake Mix (Nebraska Consolidated Mills)
Tropicana Products (Florida orange juice)
Jack-in-the-Box (fast food chain restaurant)
Taco Bell (fast food mexican restaurant)
No-Cal Ginger Ale (Kirsch Beverages)
Sugar Frosted Flakes (Kellogg's)
Pream non-dairy creamer (M & R. Dietetic Laboratories)
Dehydrated onion soup mix (Lipton)
Ms. Paul's Fish Sticks
Lawry's Original Spaghetti Sauce Mix (Lawry's)
Sugar Smacks (Kellogg's)
Cheeze Whiz (Kraft)
TV Dinners (Swanson)
Pepperidge Farm butter cookies
White Rose Tedi-Tea (Seemaon Brothers)
"Irish Coffee" (San Francisco's Buena Vista Cafe)
Denny's (restaurant chain)
Star-Kist brand (canned tuna)
Eggo Frozen Waffles
Trix (General Mills)
Butterball Turkeys (Swift-Eckrich CO.)
Stouffer's frozen meals (Stouffer)
Nonfat dry milk (Carnation Co.)
Burger King (fast food chain)
Shakey's Pizza (fast food chain)
Peanut M&Ms (Hershey's)
Marshmallow Peeps (Just Born)
Special K breakfast food (Kellogg's)
Pepperidge Farm cookies (Bordeauz, Lido, Milano, Orleans)
McDonalds (Kroc style)
Kentucky Fried Chicken (Colonel Sanders)
Imperial margarine (Lever Brothers)
TreeSweet Products (fruit juices)
Certs (breath mints)
Chocolate covered ants
Gino's (fast food chain)
Pam (nonstick cooking spray)
Refrigerated cookie dough (Pillsbury)
Tang [orange-flavored breakfast drink]
Ruffles [potato chips]
Rice-A-Roni [packaged flavored rice product]
Williams-Sonoma [upscale cookware retailer]
Sweet 'n Low [sugarless sweetener]
Cocoa Puffs [breakfast cereal, General Mills] Jif [brand peanut butter]
Chicken Ramen [instant noodle product, Nissen Foods]
Instant Tea [Lipton]
Pizza Hut [franchise restaurants]
International House of Pancakes (IHOP) [family restaurants]
Royal Crown Cola
Frosty O's (General Mills)
Ocean Spray brand products (name changed from National Cranberry Assn)
Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream
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