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Desiree Kuntze

No description

Desiree Kuntze

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of Desiree Kuntze

Desiree Kuntze
Follow this Prezi and you can learn 20 interesting facts about me.
School Activities
I'm in BPA
Healthy Youth Coalition
I had a 4.0 for the first quarter of school
I love Algebra and Information Management 1
I'm in school sports most of the year
I attend Stephenson Area Public High School
I'm currently a freshman
Family Life
I'm the oldest of four children
The only boy in our family is my dad
I have younger siblings
My two parents are happily married
Pets and Hobbies
I have three cats
One dog
I love hunting
I also like fishing during the summer
I'm 15 years old
My birthday is December 13, 1998
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