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South Korean Navy Ship sinks

No description

Yujin Seong

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of South Korean Navy Ship sinks

South Korean Navy Ship Sinks Did North Korea attack? On March 26th, in Seoul,South Korean navy ship sank. They believe North Korea army bombed them. 58 out of 104 was rescued while
the others unfortunately couldn't survive.
It was very depressing. North Korea has been jealous about South Korea so bad that people think North Korea did it. North Korea today is not stable because North Koreans now know the reality in South Korea. And many of them crossed the border risking their lives to be free in South Korea. The North Korean dictator, Kim, Jung-il is not happy with that. So, experts say that he would use this accident as the cause to break the war. Connection to the U.S.A: This acciedent
happened when there was a U.S Forces Korea - Exercise. This exercise was established in 1978 by Korea and the U.S.A. This annual military excersice is called "Team Spirit." Thank You For whatching
my prezi!
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