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Digital Story Telling in Spain

No description

Joel Bloch

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of Digital Story Telling in Spain

Cute Cat Theory Web 1.0 Web 2.0 Multimodality as an Academic Literacy:
The Role of Digital Storytelling in an L2 Academic Writing Course

Joel Bloch
The Ohio State University
Columbus, OH USA The Thing I Felt Most Regretful Being a Muslim What happened on September 11, 2001 made the world focus on Islam and judge Islam and Muslims. But at the same time, no one should blame or judge others because of their religion. G-d creates us to live together and respect each other by following our religion. And we like to cover ourselves to help us face G-d. No one can ignore what Americans suffered in 9/11. I could feel his true heart, so I was touched. And I met a wrong decision at that time. I tried to fall in love with him. We date a few times after going back to Taiwan, but I felt I really couldn’t So I still dated with him even though I didn’t want to. The pressure accumulated day by day almost driving me crazy I only regarded him as a best friend and never thought about falling in love with him. Next time I get shipped;

Get a bigger box General Theories of implementing
Technology Determinism Sapir/Whorf Hypothesis Contrastive Rhetoric Is Google making us stupid?
Is Facebook making us lonely? Architecture Implementation The Great Divide Remixing Texts Print texts Images Music Narrative Remixing Technologies Wordprocessing Internet Podcasting Movie Making Video Sharing Blogging Transformation Rhetorical Implications Nature of the Genre Nature of Authorship Legal Implications Intellectual Property Law Fair Use Intertextuality Digital
Storytelling Academic
Writing Goals of Course Research Questions Assessment Genre Awareness Authorship Intellectual Property Plagiarism Finding a Turning Point Crossing Borders Making Decisions New Experiences New Careers New Families Technological Choices Types of Digital Stories Types of Writing Support Types of Technology Access Prior Use Technological Ease of Use Factors Ethical concerns Rhetorical concerns Who uses it? Allocation of course time Background of students Business Model Accessibility Political issues Digital Storytelling in 190105 and 590105 A. Check that you completed the following items on your digital story
1.____ Titles (Title of story and name)
2.____ Images and story properly aligned.
3._____ Sound level appropriate = not too loud, not too low.
4._____ Credits
5.______ Copyright Notice Class Sequence Introduction to digital storytelling
Drafting story
Story Circles
Collecting Images
Creating Storyboard
Recording Story
Mixing Story
Presenting Story Orality/Literacy From blogging to
digital storytelling Digital Story Telling http://streaming.osu.edu/knowledgebank/digstory08/Bloch_Joel.flv voice interregates
image Mashing up a variety of types of images rhetorical purpose Transnational -
Travelling across space, time, culture ability to use a
personal voice awarness of audience
narrate stories/express their ideas Express differently or
Interact with each other What do people gain
from becoming literate How we value different
forms of literacy Connections between student
and popular culture traditional commitment to genre
pushing the boundaries of multimodality
create new forms of literacies
transferring strategies and skills across boundaries Use on the web Uses by the students
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