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My goals after graduation

No description

Kim Castillo

on 22 August 2014

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Transcript of My goals after graduation

My plans after graduation
Many times in our lives we have to make decisions that are going to change our lives for ever. It can be for good or bad, everything depends of what our choices are going to be.
While I am at Lansing Community College (L.C.C.), I'm going to keep my current job. However, I would like to get a job at Lutheran Social Services (L.S.S.), because I will be helping children from other countries. Since I am bilingual, I can help by translating and showing them how life works in the United States.




When we were in Costa Rica, I never though that I was going to graduate in the United States.
Out there are many kids and families that would love to have the opportunity that I have. That's why I will take every opportunity that God is giving me to accomplish every single of my goals.
My first step will be to start at Lansing Community College for two years. I will complete as many classes as possible to transfer to MSU or directly into a dental school if possible.
One of the choices that I'm thinking on working is in a company that works with kids from other country, they teaches them the American culture and take them wherever they need to go or just show the around the area so they are familiarize with different places and have a little be of fun. This people have been through a lot of difficulties in their lives and that's why they need a change in their lives, and I would like to be part of that change.
Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health (A.S.D.O.H.). It is a graduate school of dentistry located in the U.S. city of Mesa, Arizona.

It is the first dental school in Arizona, having opened its doors in 2003 and graduated its first class in 2007. The curriculum places a large focus on public health. The school is accredited by the American Dental Association.
In Costa Rica the material we learned in class was different than school in this country. In addition, my sister and I had to learn the history of the United States and its culture. We had to adapt ourselves to winter, language, people, and school. All these changes affected my academic development.

It has been a long and very stressful time, but it was well worth it!
I am now bilingual, I have a high school diploma, and I have a strong idea of where I want to go and what I want to do!
Everything that we plan right now, might change tomorrow. It all depends on what God has planed for us. We can make plans and try to accomplish them, but we have to understand that God has bigger and better indescribable plans.
The things that I like about L.C.C. are that they offer a lot of different programs related to the dental field, and while you are taking classes, they can place you in a program that helps you get involved completely in a dental environment. I will be exposed to the profession and see if I would like to continue on this path.
I am going to be living with my parents at least for the first year at L.C.C. then I am planning on moving to an apartment with a friend so we pay half and half of the rent and everything we use.
Conditions of
The University of Michigan.
The dental school of the University of Michigan is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Established in 1875, the School of Dentistry engages in oral and craniofacial health care education, research, patient care and community service.

The University of Michigan was the first state university in the world and the second university in the United States to offer education in dentistry.
If I work at the airport, I will
be making 12 to 14 dollars
per hour. If I work at
Lutheran Social Services, I will be
making 15 to 16 dollars per hour. I
would like to work between 20 to 25 hour per week.

I'll be saving money the
first year since I will be living
with my parents. which will
help me pay for the
Our success depends on how much time we take and how much effort we put into it. Individual students decide how long it will take them and if they are able
to finish before the
deadline or
right on
My English classes helped me to correct my spelling and to form the correct sentences, which is very important for me to know as much as I can about the United States language.
First step!
Two-year certificates and four-year degree programs are available at the University of Michigan, Ferris State University and the University of Detroit-Mercy.
The Pre-Dentistry program at Ferris emphasizes natural science courses including biology, organic and inorganic chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, human physiology, anatomy and physics. This program is designed to prepare you for qualifying exams (DAT) and for professional schools.
Algebra was fun and interesting to learn.
The class that I liked the best, was chemistry, even though at first I did not understand much. After I got the hang of it, chemistry was easier, interesting, fun, and is going
to help me in my career as a
Personal Portfolio
Kimberlyn Castillo Vargas

My College options that offer a dentistry program
Another University I'll like to transfer is in Arizona!
Job Shadow
The job shadow was very interesting because I had the opportunity to be
with a real dentist
and see how he
works and the
I will be.
Starting School in a
new country.
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