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Nets-S Implementation for High School Students

Using Student Nets- implementing performance indicators

Lindsey Deetz

on 11 April 2011

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Transcript of Nets-S Implementation for High School Students

NETS-S LESSON PLAN Analyze the Capabilities of Emerging Technology Tools and Assess Their Potential for Learning (NETS 4,5,6) Select Digital Tools or Resources and Justify Selections (NETS 3, 6) Design a Website (NETS 1,5) Model Legal and Ethical Behavior by Properly Citing Resources (NETS 3, 5) Resources STUDENT PROFILES:
http://www.iste.org/standards/nets-for-students/nets-for-students-2007-profiles.aspx STUDENT NETS:
http://www.iste.org/standards/nets-for-students/nets-student-standards-2007.aspx ISTE:
http://www.iste.org/welcome.aspx Using citation machine, you will properly site 1 book, 1 website, and 1 online journal. 1. Find a book, online journal, and a website related to math. Pick one topic to write about.. 2. Choose 2 citations in each source 3. Encorporate the three sources into three paragraphs, with 2 citations found per source in each paragraph. 4. Use proper citations using citation machine for each cited citation 5. Create a bibliograpy for the cited resources, again using citation machine. http://citationmachine.net/ You will complete a real-world task of enlarging or shrinking an
object found outside school (home, work, store.etc.) * Once you find the object, choose whether you want to enlarge it or shrink it.
The ratio must be 3x larger or smaller. Upon completing this project, you must find
2 digital tools or resources that might help you. Requirements: 1. You must build a new physical model of the object (either enlarged or reduced) 2. All of the area, surface area, and volume conversions MUST be turned in 3. You must explain the digital tools or resources you used and justify their effectiveness (1 page) Using Google Sites, you will create a website related to math You must pick 1 mathematical subject (i.e. Algebra, Geometry, etc.) * Website must include 5 pages of different topics related to the mathematical subject. * The website must also contain the reason of subect choice on the main page * One video (from Youtube) must be included Each page must contain: 1. Definition of the topic. 2. 3 Helpful resources to assist with the topic ( digital tools or websites) 3. 5 reasons why this topic is interesting for High School Students Throughout this course, you will be exposed to two learning programs, PLATO and ALEKS 10th Grade Geometry At the end of this course, you will assess both programs Assessment Reflection: Write a 3 page paper describing what you have learned from both tools Paper must include 5 paragraphs * 1 intro paragraph * 1 Body paragraph explaining PLATO * 1 body paragraph explaining ALEKS * Last body paragraph comparing and contrasting and why you prefer one or both * 1 conclusion paragraph- summarizing and reflecting ASSESS
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