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The Impacts of Child Abuse On An Individuals Psychological D

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Tayla Moreland

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of The Impacts of Child Abuse On An Individuals Psychological D

The Impacts of Child Abuse On a Persons Development Into Adolescence.
Defining Child Abuse:
General definition:
Actions by the parents and/or carers of the child which endanger the child's physical or emotional health and development.
Learning Objectives:
Impacts On Physical Development:
Brains of maltreated children have been found (in some cases) to be 20-30% smaller than comparison children.
Impacts On Cognitive Development:
Study of 21 maltreated children found that; only six were in normal limits intellectually and emotionally, the remaining fifteen were deemed mentally retarded and six of which where also said to be emotionally disturbed.
Types of Child Abuse:
Sexual abuse
Physical abuse
Emotional abuse
Define child abuse
Discuss impacts of child abuse on specific areas of development such as:
emotional and moral
With application of various developmental theories.
Impacts On Social Development:
Impacts On Emotional and Moral Development:
Tayla Moreland
Neurons/nerve cells connect by synapses, if these synapses aren't stimulated they break away.
Neurodevelopment can be disrupted in two ways:
Lack of sensory experiences
Abnormal activation of neuron patterns, can be caused by traumatic experiences
Neglect was associated with the poorest academic performance.
Piaget's Theory of Cognitive Development?
Disrupted attachment process
Increased susceptibility to stress
Increased dependency of excessive isolation
Inabilities to properly regulate emotions
Coping mechanism where the person mentally and emotionally removes themselves from the situation.
In extreme cases can form into dissociative identity disorder.
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