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Checkouts By: Cynthia Rylant

No description

Ellie Stonskas

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Checkouts By: Cynthia Rylant

Checkouts By: Cynthia Rylant
Created By: Ellie Stonskas and Alexis Hayes
P. 5/6

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
In the short story, Checkouts, by Cynthia Rylant, a boy and a red headed girl meet once at the checkout line and it’s love at first sight. She meets the boy in the checkout line and they fall in love. Then, they don’t see each other for a month because the bag boys schedule never lined up with when the red headed girl was there. Then, the red haired girl walks into the store and the baggage boy is bagging but they don’t look at each other and they part ways again. In the end, they both find other people and they don't see each other often but when they do they give a quick smile.

Text to Text
In the book, Something Like Fate, Lani and Erin are best friends when Erin started dating Jason. The more the three of them hung out the more Lani found out how much her and Jason had in common. Jason and Lani were falling in love with each other. Lani tried to ignore Jason and not see him or talk to him. This is what the red haired girl did in the story Checkouts. The red haired girl ignored the baggage boy even though they both liked each other.

I could clearly visualize what the girls house looked like when she moved to Cincinnati. The author described it as, “a large house with beveled glass windows and several porches and the history.” I could easily picture the front of this house because the author used descriptive words and adjectives that created a clear image in my mind.

Why didn't they talk to each other before they moved on? Why do you think?

-We think the reason they didn’t talk to each other before they moved on was because they didn’t know if the other one liked them back. We think this because they both tried to ignore each other and not give the other one hints.

I inferred that they were going to get together in the end since it was love at first site. The story said, “Then one day the bag boy dropped her jar of mayonnaise and that is how they fell in love”. They both really liked each other but didn’t know if the other did. Usually when people like each other they want to spend time with that person and get to know them.
Determining Importance
Do you think they still have feelings for each other or did they move on?

-We think that they moved on because he quit his job and she didn’t go to the store anymore. Also they both got different dates and never looked back.

I could clearly visualize the part of the story when the boy and the girl met for the first time. I could picture how the boy felt. The boy was nervous and I could picture his anxiety when a beautiful girl walks in and he is awestruck. It says, “He was nervous-first day on the job-and along had come this fascinating girl…” Then he dropped her jar of mayonnaise and she fell in love. I could easily picture this because now I know why he dropped her mayonnaise and the author used good adjectives describing how the bag boy felt about the girl and how he was feeling.

I inferred that the next time she would go to the grocery store when the bag boy was there she would go in his line or he would go to her. She wanted to talk to him and usually when you want to talk to someone you will. I think this because she “spotted him as soon as she came into the store”.

Text to Self
In the story “Checkouts” there was a girl and boy who secretly liked each other. They never talked or said anything to one another when they saw each other. I can relate to this by not saying hi to people I know when I see them. This helps me when I read this story because I know how they feel when they don’t want to say something to someone.

As I read this short story my thinking changed. At first I thought for sure that the red haired girl would go to the bag boys checkout line. Then I learned that she ignored him when she walked in. So then I thought that the bag boy would go up and talk to her. Now I realize they were both shy and didn’t know if either one of them would remember each other.

As I read this short story my thinking changed. At first I thought that the bag boy was going to ask the red haired girl out on a date the first time they saw each other. Then I learned that he didn’t want to say something. So then I thought that the red hair girl would ask him out. Now I realize that both of them were too shy to and nervous to ask.
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