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Let there be lists!

No description

Teresa Chinn

on 17 November 2017

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Transcript of Let there be lists!

Let there be lists!
You will then see all of the tweets of the people on the list
You can "subscribe" to the list by clicking here
You can also view...
Everyone on the list
Let there be Twitter Lists!!!
Twitter Lists are a great way to collate and sort groups of people on Twitter
To find the #AllOurHealth Twitter List first search and find @WeLearn_
Twitter Lists are useful for CPD as they can:
Create small communities of interest, tailored to your CPD needs
Collate useful resources
Allow you to sort your Twitter account
Allow you to reduce the "noise" on Twitter
The great thing about Twitter Lists:
You can create as many as you like
They allow you to just view what the people on the list are saying
You can follow other peoples lists (so you don' have to spend time creating your own)
To view the list you subscribed ...
Go to your profile page & click on "Lists"
This will take you to all of the lists that WeSchoolNurses curates
Find the "#AllOurHealth" list & click on it
This takes you to all of the lists you subscribe to or have created
Next click on "Lists"
Other people who subscribe to this list
It's probably worth going down this list & following everyone!
Click here to view the
#WeLearnSoMe List
You can also create you own list by clicking here
Creating Lists!!
Click on "Create List" and a box will open - Give the list a name and a description & decide if you want it to be publicly available or just for you
To add someone to your list go to their profile page and click on the three dots next to the follow button.
A drop down menu will appear that allows you to add and remove from lists.
Another box will appear that allows you to add or remove people from lists by ticking a box
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