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When Dad Killed Mom (banned book project)

No description

berenice moreno

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of When Dad Killed Mom (banned book project)

by: Julius Lester When Dad Killed Mom When Dad Killed Mom When? Why was it banned? My opinion of the banning In "When Dad Killed Mom," two children, 10 & 14,
try to adjust to life when their father goes to jail after
killing his wife. It's told in the perspective of both kids,
their emotions and what they learn through this time.
Although they're struggling, they still try to keep their
relationship with each other strong. Outcome? The author, Julius Lester, had no opinion of the banning of her book. What? Wyoming's Teton County Board of Education voted
to ban the book from Jackson Hole Middle school. The
district's policy is being rewritten so incidents like this
won't happen again. Who banned the book? This book was banned from Wyoming's Teton
County of Education at Jackson Hole Middle School This book was only banned once and it was in 2002. It was banned from Jackson Hole Middle School because
it was considered innapropriate (contained sexual content
between the daughter and her father.) The protagonist (the daughter) talks a lot about her genitals, and there is also a lot of violence. I don't think the book should have been banned. If
you feel as if you're not mature enough to handle that kind of content, don't read it. I'd be okay if the librarians needed a permission slip from the parent to allow their child to read it. I also think the book shouldn't be in Middle Schools, only High School. This book was published on June 1, 2003
and intended for 9th graders and up.
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