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Causes and early events of WW1

No description

Sandra Miller

on 13 February 2014

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Transcript of Causes and early events of WW1

Leaders in Europe
Machine Guns
Flame throwers
Triple Alliance
Triple Entente
France & Belgium
Grt Britain

Germany: Kaiser Wilhelm II
Austria-Hungary: Emperor Franz Joseph ,
Archduke Franz Ferdinand
Russia: Czar Nicolas II
England: King George V, PM
France: Pres. Raymond Poincare
Rivalries between countries (Germ/Brit)
eg: BR: built dreadnaught to challenge German
FR/BR: expansion of empire/colonies
FR/GR: FR lost 2 provinces to Germany

GR/FR/BR becoming more industrialized,
producing more products and weapons

Peace threatened by political agitation, labour &

Problems that Existed in Europe prior to War
Major Events
Assassination in SARAJEVO (Capital od Austria Hungary) on 28 June, 1914. A SERB terroroist assassinated Archduke FRANZ FERDINAND, in line for the Austrian throne.

Austria-Hungary attacked SERBIA

RUSSIA sent its troops to the defense of Serbia

GERMANY declared waron Russia and FRANCE (ally of Russia)

August 4th, Germany invaded BELGIUM, a country declared neutral

The Ambassador of Gt Britain reminds Germany that she has broken an already existing treaty-Germany's response: "ONLY A PIECE OF PAPER

ENGLAND enters the war along with CANADA
In theory, Alliance were created to avoid war
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