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Success For All

Fitness Program

Christy Reynolds

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Success For All

Success For All Fitness Nutrition Mentorship Evaluation Plan of Success for All
To evaluate our first goal, to promote lifetime fitness and wellness, we will use data from the FitnessGram software program:

1. Pre-testing
2. Setting personal goals
3. Measuring progress
4. Providing communication with parents
Based upon the recommendations of the Department of Health and Human Services' Physical Activity Evaluation Handbook To evaluate our second goal, the promotion of lifetime nutrition, we will assess the nutrition-related knowledge acquired by students during the course of the program.

"Nutrition to Grow On" assessments - developed, tested, and recommended for 6th graders by the Nutrition Education and Training Program. Our third goal, to create a health-related social support system for students through mentorship, will be evaluated by student and parent questionnaires. Our evaluation methods are centered around determining whether improvement in health-related behaviors and knowledge has ocurred. Strengths of the Success for All Evaluation Plan:

the collection of quantitative data
the use of tried-and-true assessment methods
a focus on individual progress ensures maximum relevancy for partcipants What is SFA?
Professional Coaching Staff
Athletic Trainer
Teaching Staff
High School Athletes
6th Grade Participants
Fun Fitness
Sports Skills
Healthy Habits
Nutrition Knowledge
Mentorship Evidence of Need for Grant Prevalence of obesity in Texas school children
Students experience declines that are both psychosocial as well as academic during transition to middle school (7th and 8th grade)
"Regular physical activity is one of the most important things you can do for your health" (www.cdc.gov)
39% of adolescents in grades 9-12 watch 3 or more hours of television on an average school day.

Benefits of Program Interaction with prosocial peers
Mentorship to aid in transition to middle school
Increased academic achievement
Multiple health benefits (reducing cardiovascular disease, strengthening bones and muscles, improving mental health and mood increase chance of living longer)
Build lifelong habits of good diet and exercise
Budget for SFA
$100,000 Transportation
$10958 Personnel
$30,000 Supplies
$32,500 HS Athletic Contributions
$20,000 In Kind Contribution
Home Depot
$250 TEKS applicable to the program
are found in TEKS §115.22. Health Education, Grade 6 and
§116.22. Physical Education, Grade 6.

Overview and Schedule
21 week program
Program Implementation January through May 2011
Meets weekly on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for 2 hours each day
Program runs a total of 6 hours a week
Monday and Wednesday are physical fitness focused days
Friday is a Nurtrition and Garden enrichment focused day

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