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Things Fall Apart: Chapter 12

No description

Sarah Shaut

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of Things Fall Apart: Chapter 12

When he finally arrived to the shrine, it was empty.
He realized that Chielo was making her rounds to the nine villages, so he returned home to wait.
In all, he made four trips to and from the caves,
By the time he departed for the cave, Okonkwo was gravely worried.
Okonkwo's family begins to prepare for Obierika's daughter's
(a betrothal ceremony).
The villagers contribute food to the festivities and Obierika buys a huge goat to present his future in-laws.
The preparations are briefly interrupted when the women retrieve an escaped cow and the cow's owner pays a fine for setting cows loose on his neighbors' farms.
Sarah Shaut
Period 6

Things Fall Apart: Chapter 12
- the extended family and kinsmen.
A Great Medicine
- a supernatural power or magic that may take the shape of a person. In the Umuike market, the medicine assumes the shape of an old woman with a beckoning, magical fan.
Yam Pottage
- A watery gruel made of yams.
Chielo exits the shrine with Ezinma.
She takes Ezinma to Ekwefi's hut and puts her to bed.
Even though Okonkwo did not show it, he was extremely worried the night before.
He waited awhile before walking to the oracle's shrine.
The suitor's family members arrive and settle the clan's doubts about their generosity by bringing fifty pots of wine to the celebration.
The women greet the visitors and the men exchange ceremonial greetings.
The feast is a success.
At the beginning of this chapter, the narrator focuses on Okonkwo's internal state and we see his true feelings rather than his apparent ones.
Because he views affection as a sign of weakness, he forces himself to wait before following Chielo.
Okonkwo is not the cruel, heartless man that he presents himself to be; rather, he is gravely worried about Ezinma's welfare.
Chielo's actions forces Okonkwo to acknowledge how important his wife and child are to him.
In Nigeria; Africa's most populous country.
1/3 larger than Texas.
The action of the novel takes place in the southern part of the country, not far from where the author was born.
Complete the Quiz as I go through the chapter.
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