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Vic Fuentes :D

No description

Ashley Rangel

on 27 April 2013

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Transcript of Vic Fuentes :D

Vic Fuentes Importance in society.. Childhood.. Accomplishments.. Childhood.. Accomplishments.. How did this person demonstrate moral leadership? Vic Fuentes is the lead singer from the band "Pierce the Veil". He's the type of guy who speaks from the heart and his lyrics are inspired by fans, deep painful realities such as teenage suicide, and an ex-girlfriends breast cancer diagnosis. Vic's dad taught him how to play the guitar during his childhood. His brother, Mike, taught him how to play the guitar. His dads name is Victor Gamboa Vuentes. His moms name is Viviana K. Fuentes. He attended Mission Bay High school. He also played in another band called, "Isle & Glaciers" from 2008 to 2010. • Vic and his brother Mike started the band "Pierce the Veil". • He stopped doing self-harm. • Vic Fuentes gets a lot of messages from his fans, talking about how his music he has made saved their lives, helped from self-harm, suicide, and depression. He try's to make his fans feel better, letting them know there not alone on whats going on with them. • He wrote a song called "A Match Into Water" for his ex-girlfriend when she was diagnosed with cancer. Explain why this person should be regarded as a moral leader.. • I think Vic should be regarded as a moral leader because his desire is to give his fans a sense of hope, and letting them know that ending there life is not going to make anything better, its just going to stop the chance of getting everything better. He thinks they should keep going with there life. Strong character traits Vic has.. Brave- He was brave enough to stop self harm.
Generous- He wrote a song to his ex-girlfriend while she was diagnosed with cancer
Inspiring- He inspires his fans with his music and quotes.
Courageous- He's trying to convince people to stop self-harming there selves. How these character traits have defined there leadership.. • What he is currently doing now.. Vic Fuentes is still alive. He is still playing in the band, "Pierce the Veil" working on there new music video," Bulls in the Bronx." • His music saved a lot of his fans lives. Vic try's to help people with lots of things going on with there life, and also try's to stop them from doing whats not right. Vic was born on February 20, 1983 in San Diego, California. " Just know, as long as you give things time, you know just wait things out..Things won't be bad forever I promise you."
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