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World War II: The Allied Response

No description

Keith Read

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of World War II: The Allied Response

AlLIED RESPONSE World War II FRANCE signed a munich with Britain and Germany
- this allowed Germany to reclaim
some of its lost land
- france agreed only to avoid
another world war

fell quickly to germany's sudden invasion
- because of this they fought back
with secret resistance groups
until d-day SOVIET UNION signed a non- aggression treaty with Germany before the war
both sides did this to
gain more time to
prepare their troops
to invade the other After conquering France Germany aims for the Soviets after a failed attempt on Britain
they invade a major oil rig and the city of Stalingrad
the battle consisted of building to building fighting (camping)
the Germans were ill prepared for the freezing weather and lost half of their troops from lack of supplies and disease.
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