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Bulletin Boards

No description

Kendall Valente

on 26 August 2013

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Transcript of Bulletin Boards

Ed Boards Made Epic
important information
Passive Programing
Creates Community
create a theme
Why are they important?!
there are so many different topics to choose from, and ways to present it, no two are alike.
How to make the most of your Bulletin Board
You don't need to be an art major, just put in some effort, because it goes a long way.
ask your residents what they want to know about,
or choose a topic relevant to your residents
know what you're putting up there
office hours/phone numbers
places to eat/times
campus police information
other campus information
Here are just a few...
Residence Hall Health and Safety Awareness
Black History Month
Body image Awareness Month
Alcohol Awareness
FSU Room Selection
Eating Disorders
Seasonal Depression
Marijuana and Illegal Drug Awareness
Campus Safety
GLBT Awareness Month
Academic and Personal Support Services at FSU
Voter Registration
Drunk Driving Awareness
Diversity of Celebrations
September 11th Remembrance
and the list goes on...
Do some research on your topic
before you post information about it
notice any trends?
people seem stressed about finals, being home sick, boyfriend/girlfriends?
Info Boards vs. Ed Boards
Info Boards
Ed Boards
Information about one topic
chosen monthly, different for each RA
Topic: Diversity of Celebrations
Don't be afraid to be creative!

-residents were asked to leave their
favorite holiday traditions on the board!
(just be aware of what people post)
same topic,
different approach!
Topic: Importance of Sleep
Topic: Marijuana and other Illegal Drugs
Don't be afraid to think outside the box!

use your resources!!

from a distance moss looks like
marijuana, and catches attention!
creative headings
catch peoples eye!!
super creative
& no drawing
skills required!
Passive Programing is a way to
get messages across to residents
without directly telling them, Ed boards
and Info boards are a GREAT way to do this!
Info Boards
Door Decs

More Examples of Bulletin Boards!
By Kendall Valente and Molly Buckley
The Resource Room!
The Resource Room
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