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Copy of Chrysalids Chapter 2 Analysis

No description

Heidi Kausen

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Chrysalids Chapter 2 Analysis

Chrysalids Chapter 2 Analysis
Main Characters
This chapter has a clear connection between "The Chrysalids" and " The Hunger Games". In " The Chrysalids", David and the community of Waknuk feel that they have to maintain a certain standard of living. that includes killing Deviations because of the fear of another Tribulation. In " The Hunger Games", Katniss and her district have to send off two tributes to compete in a fight to the death, along with other districts, for the fear of another rebellion. In both stories, there's a supreme goverment that has strict rules to make sure that they can control the consequences. This is a text to text connection between " The Chrysalids" and "The Hunger Games".
Main Events
David returns from Sophie
We learn that Davids grandfather, Elias Strorm, was one of the founders of Waknuk
David tells the audience how his father, Joseph, is a very strict, religious priest in the community
We learn about Tribulation, and how all Deviations and Blasphemies are killed to "keep pure the stock of the lord"
David talks about the religious signs in his house, such as " watch thou for the mutant" and " Devil is the father of Deviation"
New Words
: this word means weird, abnormal or something strange.
Page #
: 19, Chapter 2
: "Sometimes it would be a much queerer thing than those"

: this word means a problem or an annoyance
: 21, Chapter 2\
: "...existence became a dangerous nuisance"
: a group of people who have organized an ambush on someone that involves theft
: 20,Chapter 2
: "..making a quick raid..."
it means to get rid of something
he preferred to be on the safe side and liquidate anything doubtful"

Literary Devices
The biggest theme in this chapter of "The Chrysalids" is discrimination. This chapter talks about how Deviations are treated differently and abused all because they look differently. This is the theme of the chapter because David explains to the audience how a deviation is something that does not " look right". This can be tied into themes such as racism,religion and alienation.
The title "
Water is Thicker than Blood"
would be an appropriate title for this chapter of " The Chrysalids" This statement is true because in this chapter, we are told about Davids family history, but not about the strong bond between the Strorms. David never explains how close he is with his family, he seems to be more close with his friend, Rosalind. This reverse spin on " Blood is Thicker than Water", is an appropriate title for this chapter because it clearly identifies the theme of the chapter, while still having enough suspense to make the audience want to read it.

The main character of this chapter is David Strorm. He is the protagonist and the narrator of the chapter. The flashbacks of this chapter are told by Davids point of view. The second main character of this chapter is Elias Strorm, Davids grandfather. Elias was one of the first founders of Waknuk, and very strict and religious. This chapter talks alot about why Elias came to Waknuk and his strict religious views. The third character is Jospeh Strorm, Davids father. Joseph is portrayed in this chapter as being a very strict, religious and respected leader in the community of Waknuk.

I feel that this chapter did not have a climax. The closest thing to a climax in this chapter would be the audience learns how "Deviations" are treated. This chapter acted more as a background chapter, where we learn alot about the type of family that David Strorm comes from. I feel that there was no clear cut climax in this chapter of the "The Chrysalids"
: Giving characteristics to inanimate objects
" the long hill ran far away until it reached the river" pg#17

: Noises to describe an intimate object associated with there name
" ... the gable bell tolled" pg#23
: A comparison between things using the word "like"
There is no example of this in Chapter 2, but it is used throughout "The Chrysalids"
This picture represents Chapter 2 of "The Chrysalids" very clearly. This photo shows a three generations of men who we can assume are related. In this chapter, David tells the audience alot of family history about the Stroms, including why Elias Strorm came to Waknuk, and how Davids father, Joseph Strorm was raised. This photo could be interpreted as David, Joseph and Elias. The three generation of Strorm men. This photo would make a great cover photo for this chapter of "The Chrysalids" because after looking at it, you could infer that this chapter would talk about Davids family.
Why do Angus Morton and Joseph Strorm argue alot??
What are Davids thoughts on Blasphemy's and Offenses??
Does David want to follow in his fathers footsteps??
How close is Davids relationship between him and his family??
A good song that would go well on a soundtrack for chapter 2 of "The Chrysalids" is " Two Worlds One Family" by Phil Collins, from Tarzan. I feel that this song clearly identifies the fact that David may be related to his family by blood, he does not have of the same traits as the Strorms. The lyrics "trust your heart, let fate decide"from this song can represent Davids questioning to why they must kill Deviations and the ways of the world. "Two Worlds One Family" would be an excellent song choice for chapter 2 of "The Chrysalids"
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