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How to get rid of chaos in the hallways

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Abraham Bastidas

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of How to get rid of chaos in the hallways

By: Abraham Bastidas & Demetrius Strong Getting Rid of Chaos In The Hallways The problems at gateway high school for the last several years have been that the hallways have been overcrowded with people. This has been an issue because it makes students push and shove which could lead to problems like fighting. Another problem this has lead to is causing people to be late to their classes and perhaps getting a detention. So these are the problems at gateway high school that need to be fixed. The Problems at Gateway High School Some solutions to fixing the chaos in the hallways is to have more hall monitors, have less people going into the crowded hallways, and perhaps divide the hallways by grade. Here are some solutions Having more hall monitors will help prevent chaos from happening by being able to have a hall monitor in every hallway. Having a hallway monitor in every hallway will help because they can split the hallway in to two lanes so people going one way have to go in a certain lane. Also the hall monitor can tell people that are in the way to move so they wont hold up people. How Having More Hall Monitors Will Help Prevent Chaos How Having Less People in The Crowded Hallways Will Prevent Chaos In The Hallways Having less people in the hallway will prevent fights from happening and less people being late to class. Because less peoeple equals less chaos and less fights equals less peole trying to watch it and less time. Dividing the hallways into grades will help prevent chaos because even though thats alot of people still going out at once it will be quicker for people to get places and not to be late to their class. Dividing by grade will be alot easier on people. How Dividing The Hallways Into Grades Will Help Prevent Chaos
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