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Frantic Assembly (Intro and Chair Duets)

No description

KHS Theatre

on 29 September 2014

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Transcript of Frantic Assembly (Intro and Chair Duets)

Frantic Assembly
What is Frantic Assembly?
Frantic Assembly is a physical theatre company that creates work which reflects contemporary culture.
Their unique physical style in performance combines movement, design, music and text.
Frantic Assembly's History
Chair Duets
Methods in Rehearsal
Video Camera in Rehearsal
Frantic Music
Steven Hoggett & Scott Graham
Artistic Directors and co-founders of Frantic Assembly.
Scott and Steven were both English Literature Students at Swansea University.
They took part in and watched a student production directed by "Volcano Theatre Company". This was life changing as they experienced the production from both sides of the fourth wall.
The company was first known as "Frantic Theatre Company" in 1994.
"Look Back in Anger"
Writer: John Osbourne
Adapted by: Spencer Hazel
"On Blindness"
Writer: Glyn Cannon
writer: Bryony Lavery
writer: Shakespeare
Since the company started Scott and steven have performed in or directed all of the company's work.
Steven and Scott's aim for this production was to take a classic piece of literature and make it contemporary.
This meant reflecting on 21st century social issues such as racism and sexual desire.
Steven and scott decided to portray the sexual desire between Othello's relationship with Desdemona, and the racial issues through Iago's monologues.
The play mainly focuses on the connection of men and women and the sexual battles which occur between them.
Each Frantic Assembly show has featured a specific soundtrack.
Past collaborators include Lamb, Goldfrapp and Hybrid
These artists created "pure soundtracks".
Hybrid's music was a big inspiration to Frantic Assembly's physical movement.
When improvising during rehearsals, they often use soundtracks for the performers to work along side.
Music also helps the company set up the right rehearsal environment. It inspires theatrical scenarios.
The camera is there for capturing and documenting all the possiblities that emerge by accident.
It allows the directors to see what they liked or disliked about the performance and for the performers to re-create those moves without having to improvise all over again.
"It is in the throb of a punishing techno track that still has within it the sense of a heart breaking."
Steven Hoggett
The company offer workshops for students to provide the skills they need for their own devised projects.
The Chair duets exercise presents a very physical scene of touches, embraces, flirtations, rejections all played at quite a mesmerising speed.
They can also see, by using the camera, what the audience would see and if it looks good or not.
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