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How to Brush you Teeth

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Steven Fraser

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of How to Brush you Teeth

How to Brush your Teeth
By: Justin Furlong
4.Then wet your brush with water and put some paste on the side of the brush with white bristle.
5.Then brush side to side horizontally making sure the paste is making contact with your teeth.
Here's a demonstration
8. After brushing for 2 minutes rinse with water (if you want to)
2. Get you brush and your paste from wherever you keep them.
3. Turn on the water to wet your brush.
6.Make sure that after a while you spit. (about 10 seconds)
7. Then begin again make sure you get everywhere in your mouth.
See step five for demonstration on how to brush
1. First get all the materials to perform this task.
Materials list
Tooth Brush
Tooth paste
9. After brushing and rinsing turn off the water!
10.Then floss and use fluoride (optional)
11. Enjoy your new and whitened teeth!!
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