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60s and up best horror movies

No description

shakur strickland

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of 60s and up best horror movies

Thirteen Ghost Thirteen Ghosts was one
of top 1960s horror movies it
was about a family who moves
into this haunted house with 13
ghosts living with them not knowing
till later on in the movie
1960s Frankenstein The horror of frankenstein was
about a male who after killing
his father goes and kills people to use
their body parts for the makeing of his monster 1970s 1980s Hallaween Hallaween 2 is about a
previos killer in Hallaween 1
named mike Myers who was supposed
to be killed but survived from the last movie
and is takeing revenge on a teen named laurie who was once his victim
but survived.Now hes planning revenge

1990s I know What You Did Last
Summer This horror film is about as friends are having fun one night the driver[Barry]
swerves off the road and ends up hitting
someone they hide the body and drive away
next summer comes and the friends find a guy stocking them in which they find out
was the man they killed last summers relative He ends up doing bad things to them and yet a year later Julie gets
gets mail saying i still know what you did
Bones Bones is abuot a returning
soul after being dead 20 years
comes to solve his murder and free his old neighborhood from drug-infested crime 1960s 2010 Orphan is about an orphan
named Esther is adopted by a family who
wants another child and wellcomes
esther to their home . It turns out that
Esther threatens their family and pulls off dangerous stunts trying to kill their family.Near they end she falls
in love with the father and he dosent love her that way so she kills him and reveals shes actually 33 years old.Yet in the end the mother saves her daughter and son by killing Esther therefore they
survived a dangerous life with Esther The Best Horror Movies Over The Decades
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