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Nothing But The Truth

Nothing but the truth story elements

Alexis Hernandez

on 29 March 2011

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Transcript of Nothing But The Truth

Disrespectful Philip Malloy is.... Rising Action Falling Action Climax Dr. Doane tells Miss Narwin that she should take some time off from teaching, and come back the following semester. Miss Narwin follows Dr. Doane advice and goes to stay with her sister in Florida. Resolution Theme NEVER LIE!!
A little white lie can lead to a big mess. Nothing But The Truth Nothing But The Truth takes place in Harrison, New Hampshire. This story starts off in Harrison High and in Philip Malloy's home. In the begining of the story Philip Malloy gets Miss Narwin as homeroom teacher. Philip starts hating Miss Narwin when she gives him a D in her class. After getting that D he can't join track anymore. This is were the problem starts. Setting One day during "The Star Spangled Banner" Philip starts singing. Miss Narwin asks him to stop singing. After the third time Miss Narwin sends him to the office. There he has a choice of apologizing or getting suspended. Philip chooses to get suspended. In the end Philip moves from Harrison High to Washington Academy- a boarding school.When Philip goes to Washington Academy everyone knows who he is and Mrs. Rooney asks him to start them off singing the national anthem . Then he starts crying because he doesn't know the words to it. April 1st...... On this day in history, Oliver Pollock, a New Orleans businessman, created the dollar "$" sign.
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