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Types of Government

7th grade SS. Types of Government

Trey Coggins

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of Types of Government

Types of Government
SS7CG4 The student will compare and contrast various forms of government.

a.Describe the ways government systems distribute power: unitary, confederation, and federal.

b. Explain how governments determine citizen participation: autocratic, oligarchic, and democratic.

c. Describe the two predominant forms of democratic governments: parliamentary and presidential.
3 ways governments distribute power
What is a Unitary
Form of Government?
local governments have some power,
but are Under control of a Central Government.
Central Government Has Power
Examples: Afghanistan, Israel, Iran, Jordan, Saudi Arabia
What is a Confederation?
Central Government depends on the Local Governments
For Its Existence.

Local Governments Have Power Over Central.
Examples: The U.N. is like a Confederation. Our original
Government (Articles of Confederation).
What is a federal
Power is shared by Local and Central Governments.

The U.S.A Has a Federal Government System.
Compare and Contrast the
3 forms of Government
Unpack the Standard
Federal System
Central Government
Central Govt has
all power
Local Govt has
all power
Power is shared
Citizen participation

System where 1 Ruler has
Absolute Power.

Ruler Can do Whatever
They Want.

A few people have Power

Small Group or Political
Party Controls Government.

"Rule By The People"

People have a much greater
Say in how they will be
People have more control in a Democratic Society.

Autocratic and Oligarchic Governments are more
authoritative, meaning the people have little say.

A Government where a god or diety
is the supreme ruler. Usually, the
ruler is a religious leader.

Saudi Arabia and Iran
Does A theocracy sound more like an
authoritative or Democratic Society?

Mecca in Saudi Arabia
2 Main Forms of
Democratic Government


Presidential Democracy

Also called Congressional Democracy

A president is chosen to lead as the
chief executive.

The USA is a Presidential/Congressional

Parliamentary Democracy

People vote for political Party
That Best Represents them.

Political Party Chooses a leader
to be the Executive, called a
Prime Minister.

In both forms, the people have a great
deal of control or power
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