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Computer Build


Jonathan Michael

on 1 May 2018

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Transcript of Computer Build

Computer Build Project
In this project you will learn:
Practice #1
Label the Back of a Computer
Practice #2
Label a Motherboard
Protecting Yourself Against Electricity
Static Electricity (or ESD)
Can cause catastrophic failure or upset failure

Protection against ESD
Ground bracelet or static strap
Ground mats
Static shielding bags
Ground Bracelet
Grounding Mat
Building a Computer
Verify that you have all parts you plan to install
Prepare computer case
Install drives
Determine proper configuration settings for motherboard
Set jumpers or switches on motherboard
Install CPU and CPU cooler
Building a Computer (cont'd)
Install RAM
Install motherboard and attach cabling
Install video card
Plug computer into power source
Attach monitor and keyboard
Boot system and enter CMOS setup
Make sure settings are set to the default
Building a Computer (cont'd)
If booting from a floppy disk, insert a bootable setup disk
Observe POST
Prepare hard drive for the OS
Reboot system and run ScanDisk on drive C
Connect mouse
Install the OS from CD or floppy
Change boot order in CMOS
Check for conflicts with system resources
Install any other expansion cards, and/or drives
Verify that all is operating properly
Make final OS and/or CMOS adjustments
Building a Computer (final)
What do you think about the project?
Go to the provided website to convey your thoughts:

Turn off power and unplug computer
Always use a ground bracelet
Never touch inside of a computer while it is turned on
Never remove cover or put your hands inside monitor or power supply
Ways to protect yourself from the computer
Ways to protect the computer from yourself
How to install all components into a computer
Make a computer run
Build Tutorial
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