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IC Gradebook

No description

Suzanne Simmons

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of IC Gradebook

Assignments: Preferences
These are all based on your own preferences. The ones above are my own. Don't forget to use the "Mass Assign to multiple sections" link to simplify it!
Assignments: Edit Grade Calc Options
These are what I normally have set in IC. The grading scales are mandatory, but the check boxes are up to you.
Don't forget to hit the save button!
Assignments: Edit Categories
Click "Create Category" button at the top
This is where you create the categories that you will sort your assignments in to and where you can set the weight for each of those categories when IC calculates the student's grade.
In the screen shot at left, I created a category called "Assignments" that will be worth 20% of the student's trimester grade. I could have the lowest grade automatically dropped.
You can also exclude the category from the calculation all together, which would be useful if you wanted to keep track of the student passing in required, but not graded, paperwork (such as permission slips) or assignments.
Assignments: Create Assignment
Abbreviation: what you see in the gradebook (5 character max)
Section Placement: setting the assigned date helps to keep students/parents informed. Due date is required. Sequence is what order you want it to show up in your gradebook. I'd leave it at 1.00 to make it easier unless you wanted to set it to be the week that you cover it during.
Grading Tasks: Select Trimester Grade
I'll cover "Student Work Product" in a future workshop.
Gradebook (Beta)
Use the Beta version to get used to it (if you have been using the other version in the past). We will be switched over to only having Beta sometime this year.
Enter grades under the assignment that you created.
Gradebook (Beta): New Feature!
Hover on assignment and click on the double arrow head symbol (>>) to expand the data for it
Allows you to fill scores or comments
Click on the letter to toggle a tag on or off
T: Turned In
M: Missing
L: Late
I: Incomplete
Ch: Cheated
X: Exempt
Dr: Dropped
Setting tab in the upper left hand corner of the IC (Beta) Gradebook
Go to page 2 in this PDF for full descriptions of each option http://bit.ly/IC-Gradebook-Beta
I will be offering a "Gradebook: Advanced" workshop in the future.
Gradebook (Beta): Settings
Susie Simmons, Tech. Integrator 6-12
Bonny Eagle School District, MSAD #6
September 2013
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