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The Wilmot Proviso

No description

Cody Boogaart

on 9 March 2013

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Transcript of The Wilmot Proviso

The Wilmot Proviso This is an image of David Wilmot. He introduced the Wilmot Proviso to Congress in August 8, 1846. The Wilmot Proviso banned slavery in all the land gained by the Mexican War. It also took away the right to take slaves (which they considered property) acrossed the country or into territories. This made a lot of southerners mad. They viewed this law as unconstitutional. They said the Constitution gave them equal protection to property rights (they considered slaves as property). Most Northerners and most Abolitionists supported the Wilmot Proviso because it stopped the south from spreading slavery. They also liked it because it would give them more power (more free states) in the fight to end slavery. The Wilmot Proviso never passed the in the Senete because of the large number of southern representatives, but it still had a big influence on the country. The Wilmot Proviso led to the creation of the Free-Soil Party. This party was devoted to stopping the spread of slavery. Because of this party, politicians could no longer ignore slavery. This is a campaign banner that the Free Soil Party used.
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