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AP Psych Back to School Night

No description

ruth burson

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of AP Psych Back to School Night

Ruth Burson
rburson@ndsj,org AP Psychology What to expect We'll cover everything to meet AP course guidelines, reviewing almost 100% of the book. Include different writing, study, thinking, and time-management skills. Daily homework. 1-week notice before a test, which will cover several modules. Tests will be returned quickly. The AP grade doesn't necessarily correlate to the class grade. Completed homework, done with best effort. What I Expect Student is prepared for class, ready with materials and assignments, and any questions. If test scores are low, but the student has been studying, come see me. Participation and readiness. Content: "teaches them what they need to know for life" ..about themselves, about the world around them - gives them insight about human behavior, thoughts and emotions! This is not just a class... All of it is very applicable to life! Questions will be asked: How does one theory given in the text make sense in the world today? Connecting text information to new information (examples) is continually addressed. Skills (college-prep): Thinking, study skills and writing skills all combined, which can be used forever! AP Exams take place in May AP Exam Important to review - class time/ home time Princeton Review Book What else to expect
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