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National Institute Of Soyapango

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Transcript of National Institute Of Soyapango

National Institute Of Soyapango

English One

Homework: Turist Places In El Salvador

Name of the students: Rosa Jovel
Nataly Perez
Katherine Martinez

Teacher´s Name: Jorge Alberto Mira

Date: 05-05-2015

The Cóbanos, is even more special for being protected area Environment; There you can witness the conservation and release of four of the seven species of sea turtles in danger of extinction; you will find migrating whales, dolphins fun and abundant marine life; besides knowing the first and only Underwater Archaeological Park Central American level, which gives you positive energy to be an ancient place ... !!!
Los Cobanos Beach

Los cobanos Beach
Costa Del Sol Beach
Costa del Sol Beach is located southeast of San Salvador, ideal for jogging, football and volleyball, or just sunbathing, is the longest beach in El Salvador, with about 15 kms. extension. At the end of the boulevard Costa del Sol there is access to Jaltepeque estuary where you can browse your channels and see various species of birds such as herons, ducks and gulls, taking refuge among the mangroves.

Las Flores Beach
Las Flores Beach is a spectacular natural bay, surrounded by severe topography and dense tropical flora, a beach of white water and detonation waves in the background, set back in time to a prehistoric view of Central America, where the area tropical waters of the Pacific Ocean.
The Pital
El Pital is considered, by those who like the cold, one of the best places to camp. The camping area is located approximately 2700 meters above sea level, specifically between the two mountain peaks, so a wind corridor is formed there. In this sector of the mountain the temperature is 10 ° C unless the surrounding areas, although these are a few meters.

Its vegetation is populated by conifers and oaks. Other species include White Pine, Pinabete and several species of oak, almost extinct plants for the unique country in that area.
Golfo de Fonseca
The Gulf of Fonseca is a protected inlet of the Pacific Ocean, located west of Central America, bordered to the north with El Salvador, northeast and east by Honduras and south by Nicaragua. It is one of the best natural harbors in the world, with about 3,200 km² extension1. Among its major ports of La Union are counted in El Salvador; San Lorenzo, in Honduras, Puerto Morazan Potosi and in Nicaragua.
El Imposible
El Imposible National Park is open to the public since 1997, offers tourists: camping areas, an interpretive center, and conventional interpretive trails, viewpoints, community guidelines, an eco hostel with solar and comfortable cabins with bathrooms, bedrooms and small terraces.
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