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Improving the customer experience through technology and customer commitment

No description

Maria de la Peña

on 19 September 2017

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Transcript of Improving the customer experience through technology and customer commitment

Improving the customer experience through technology and customer commitment
Smart Spaces
Mute and restore mobile sound
Receive notifications
ie Vertical Library
Leap Motion

Tech Trends
Wereable devices
Sensory perception devices
New ways of perceiving and accesing reality and information
Big Data and sensorial immersion
Gesture recognition
Same My ie Library Account APP environment
Now developing
Tech Trends
Deadline plus +
+ Self management
+ Corporate Social Responsability
+ Credit card and Paypal
Via My ie Library APP
via smartphone
ie Vertical Library
Work rooms
silence and study areas
Student Hub
Real time
Driving learning innovation
ie wow room
Immediate feedback
Gesture and emotion recognition
Magic wand
ie Vertical Library
ie Vertical Library
ie Vertical Library
ie Vertical Library
Responsible funds usage
ie Vertical Library
I present the current innovative technologies available in ie Library:

ie Library Account APP with new features with the paypal fines payment (deadline plus aplicability social responsability), Smart Spaces, ie Tags Beat Social Bubbles, Gesture Recognition Devices, Leap Motion, Robot (Pepper) and the impressive ie WOW Room.
Student Body
93 nationalities on campus
90% of international students in English programs
Come from small/mid-sized companies, multinationals, or own entrepreneurial ventures

Faculty professors
109 full-time professors
Over 400 part-time professors
93% PhDs
33% women
Full-time professors maintain ties
to the business world through leading edge research and consultancy
ie Library Center
of resources for learning
and research
Technology: and added value that makes the difference
The best academic experience possible
Ebooks: the main point to understand the change
Dynamic and innovative business school with entrepreneurial mindset.
Since 2007: IE University for students who approach learning as a way of life
University students, young professionals & top graduates in pursuit of global perspective and skills.
Post experience
Professionals with several years of previous work experience. Participants are chosen on the basis of their academic background and their practical experience
Executive experience
Top and middle-level management.
Entrepreneurs, high-level management executives and decision-makers with some executive experience who wish to qualify for higher management levels.
51,000+ Alumni in 125 countries
Continuous learning

5 Regional Directors

25 Representative Officess Worldwide
Lifelong Network
More than 3.000 students
ie Values
· Diversity
· Innovation
· Humanities
· Entrepreneurship
· Corporate Social Responsibility

ie Values
IE Business School was created in 1973 by a small group of Spanish entrepreneurs.
ie Buisness School
ie University
ie Buisness School
ie University
The library on your pocket
24/7 wherever you are whenever you need it
Business administration and management
Library managed as a Business Unit
Business operations
Human Resources
Economic environment
Legal and fiscal issues
Infomation Tecnologies/IT (WMS)
Business development
Library Sciences
& Information Sciences
Pattern focused on the costumer
My IE Library APP
Management of all the circulation by the user from the smartphone
for the ie community
White Rose Libraries Erasmus programme
Allows research for internet users
Information research of worldwide bibliography
User manages its own cirulation
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