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Cotards Delusion

No description

Taylor Turner

on 8 April 2018

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Transcript of Cotards Delusion

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Cotards Delusion
Who is at risk?
Studies have shown people with this mental disorder have been 50+. Younger people can develop this delusion but are also diagnosed with bipolar disorder. It has also been shown that women are more at risk then men.

Happens more in people who think their characteristics cause the behavior rather than their environment.
Other mental disorders linked with Cotard's.
Depersonalization disorder
Psychotic depression
Signs & Symptoms
Alot of the time cotard's delusion is found with mood disorders psychotic disorders, and medical conditions. Meaning they have another mental illness alongside.

A big sign of this mental illness is believing that nothing has any meaning.
Other symptoms may include:
-Depression (closely related) 89% of doucmentated cases have depression as a symptom.
-Preoccupation with hurting themselves or death



With cotard's delusion there is normally always another mental illness happening as well. First patient would need to be assessed for a mental illness and then proceed treatment for cotards. Typically put on anti-depressants, antipyschotics, and mood stabilizing drugs. with this being said electroshock therapy is more effective than taking medication.
Definition of Cotard's Delusion
First discovered in 1822 by Dr. Jules Cotard. Cotards delusion is a rare condition where one thinks they have lost a limb, their organs have stopped working, they have loss of blood or they they believe they are dead. these are all delusions they have meaning they are not real.

This condition is also called " walking corpse syndrome"
By: Taylor Bennett
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