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6th Grade - 9/23/2014

No description

Susan Stamm

on 24 September 2014

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Transcript of 6th Grade - 9/23/2014

Do Now
Group 1: Derivational Relations - Stamm (introduce)

Other students- Writer's Workshop Prompt (7min)

Write about a time that you had an argument or problem with a friend or family member.

-Why did it start?
-What did you do to fix the problem?
-If you didn't try to fix it- what could be a solution if it happened again?
-What did you do / they do?
-How did you feel?
Words Their Way
Person vs. Person

Person vs. Nature

Person vs. Self

Person vs. Society

Person vs. Supernatural
Types of Conflict Notes
6th Grade - 9/23/2014
How do you use technology in your daily life? Explain how it helps you.

2-3 sentences

Text-to-Self homework on right hand corner of desk.
SWBAT: define the types of conflict and the differences between them.

A husband and wife argue over how to spend their money.

Which type of conflict is this?

Who or what is involved?
A family's boat is tossed around in the ocean during a bad storm. Parts of the ship are breaking off with the crashing waves. The family is scared for their lives!

conflict type???

Who / what is involved?
A teenager breaks a driving law by running a red light.

Conflict type??

Who / what is involved?
A student is worried about a family member who is sick in the hospital.

Conflict type?

Who / what is involved?
A knight fights a dragon who is breathing fire!

conflict type??

Who / what is involved?
Let's practice!

Identifying Conflict - types and also internal / external!
Adding quotes....

" ", shouted Mark.

Quotes help us understand a character.

Think of different words for SAID.
Choose a person vs. person conflict.

Write a made up argument. Use quotes to show what the people involved could say.

Read some answers you had to the homework 1-8.
"Stop being mean to me! You always make fun of the way I talk," yelled Marco.
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