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Why Animoto?

A prezi about the benefits of learning Animoto and applying it to a school project.

leah lubman

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of Why Animoto?

Have you heard about Animoto? Unique Video clips Fast Easy to use High quality Music videos for your images. Fun Easy to teach In just three steps anyone can create their own video. 1. Choose your images. 2. Select your music. 3. Finalize your images:
Animoto will compile and edit your
video and present your final product. You can easily edit or
remix your video at any time. "We love Animoto! In just a few short minutes I created a short video which my students can use for review."
-Sue Palmer Secondary Social Studies Teacher, NY So what are teachers saying about Animoto? “We’ve used Animoto to create opening montages for Parents’ Nights, advocacy videos to promote school libraries at our State Capitol, introductions at orientation activities, and capturing memories of professional conferences. Animoto is a great addition to a school’s digital storytelling toolkit.”

- Joyce Kasman Valenza, Ph.D., Teacher & Librarian at Springfield Township HS and Author of PowerTools Recharged. Animoto can be used by both students and
educators for... Biographies Science promotion Personal Narrative Math challenges Bonus Questions To enhance classroom
slideshow/powerpoints mini lessons collaboration improving technology
skills Book trailers can be used to promote library use and literacy. They can also give students a fun way to share
their reading intrests with fellow classmates while
learning a new skill. Which is why in honor of School Library Month I would like to have each member of the eighth grade class create a book trailer. A sample of trailers, with a link to the full collection, has been included on the the library home-page.
After the students have created their trailers a link to the full collection will also be included on the home-page.
From there parents, teachers and students will be able to see all of the trailers create by our eighth grade class. It will also give students a chance to share their work with others and recieve constructive feedback. As 21st century learners and explores our students need to learn how to use a variety of tools. It's our job to meet them on that road and at that level. To help them express their unique visions and ideas. I hope that with your approval and support
we can help students to grow, create and share their
work while gaining new 21st century skills. Please review them at your earliest
convenience and let me know if you have
any further questions. Thank you for your time! Plus Animoto is free for educators, just go to:
http://animoto.com/education Using Animoto to create book trailers provides students
with an opportunity to demonstrate 21st Century Learning Skills in a library setting. Learning how to use tools like Animoto helps to teach students skills that they can apply throughout both their academic and later life careers, because it teaches students creative problem solving along with selection and presentation skills. Animoto can play an important part in helping students bring their creative vision to life.
It provides easy to use film editing equipment for mixing images and music.
This gives students a chance to think critically about every part of the film making process.
Student are called upon to problem solve and think analytically about how to format their films.
They are encouraged to think about how each of these elements affects the final product.
Students can see how their decisions create different types of moods for the film.
It can give students the platform to create something truly unique.
Something students can be proud of.
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