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Things about our element.

Se Yean Yoo

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Aluminum.

Aluminum Grace Roh.
Se Yean Yoo.
Samara Meilleur.
Period 7/Grade 8

Presenting on Wednesday, May 5,2010 Chemical Symbol: Al
Atomic Number: 13
Atomic Mass: 27.0
Classification of element: Metal
Group of the element: Alkali-Metals Aluminum,for its properties in compounds, started at around 5300 BC.
It wasn't discovered or named until the early 1800's when Sir Humphrey Davy established its existence, but he wasn't able to actually make any.
10 years later, a French scientist discovered hard, red clay containing over 50% of aluminum oxide in southern France.
Egyptians and Babylonians around 4000 years ago used aluminum as fabric dyes and cosmetics.
Alluminum was very rare at first, but as processes developed and prices dropped, it became more widely available. Chemical Properties Malleable.
Reacts with alkalis and acids.
Reacts with hot water.
In powdered form, it catches on fire easily. Physical Properties
Slightly bluish tint.
Melting point: 600 degrees Celcius or 1220 degrees Farenheit.
Boiling point: 2519 degrees Celsius or 4655 degrees Farenheit
Good conductor of electricity. HISTORY OF ALUMINUM MODERN USE OF ALUMINUM!!
Now, aluminum is one of the world's highest annual production levels.
In modern days, aluminum is used as cooking equipment, packaging, drink cans, foil wrappings, bottle tops, foil containers, used in aeroplanes, powerlines, trains, boats, cars, TV aerials, satellite dishes, construction, and being the standard base for bulbs.
Because aluminum is so light weight, this means that less energy needs to be used to move a vehicle made with aluminum that one made from a heavier metal, like steel.
Aluminum is also a good reflector of radiation.
When you recycle one can of alluminum its like saving enough energy to keep a tv running for three hours
Every year over 53 million alluminum cans are recycle
Alluminum is the most abundant metal in the world
Aluminum has two spellings ( Aluminum and Aluminim)
Once a aluminum can is recycled its back on the shelf in 60 days
By using recycled aluminum, aluminum manafactures saves enough energy needed to supply electricity to a city the size of Pittsburg for about six years ! Intresting Facts on Aluminum.
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