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Walk to Remember

No description

Savannah Wilgus

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Walk to Remember

Walk to Remember By: Nicholas Sparks Presented by: Savannah Wilgus Exposition Jamie Sullivan Landon Carter Eric Hunter Hegbert Sullivan Beaufort, North Carolina located on the coast near Morehead City Exposition Where - When - April 12, 1958 Characterization Jamie Sullivan - A very religious person who is extremely kind and always offers to volunteer at the orphanage, but sadly she has cancer and doesn't know if she will live much longer. Landon Carter A very daring person who changes his personality when with certain people and learns to accept the difference in people. - Rising Action Eric Hunter Plot A 57 year old man who retells the story of how two teenagers met 40 years ago back in 1957. He retells the story because the two people who fell in love was him and his wife . Jamie reveals that she is is dying because she has cancer called leukemia. She doesn't know if she will live much longer. When Landon finds out, he understands everything Jamie said and why she wanted him not to fall in love with her. Once they officially fell in love, it was too late to break up because Landon was practically Jamie's best friend and it was going to stay like that no matter what. Resolution Climax After Jamie reveals she is dying, a couple weeks later that point was proven, Jamie dies and that changes everyone's feelings, especially Landon's. Landon Carter officially fell in love with Jamie Sullivan and to prove it, he decided to marry her because he knew she was dying. URL ADDRESSES http://pics2.city-data.com/city/maps/fr7234.png http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_Zr7cBUywa2M/SiGR-KXaFrI/AAAAAAAAANo/CGGqsxO5gbo/s320/33569532.JPG Finished (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Start hanging out more and soon they fall in love. Jamie Sullivan and Landon Carter's life Landon takes Jamie to a homecoming dance because he had no one else to go with that was his type. Once they fell in love, Jamie reveals she has cancer and is going to probably die. To prove his love for Jamie, Landon asks Jamie to marry him before she dies and she says yes. Soon after they got married, she dies because of her cancer, called leukemia. Jamie has changed Landon's life for good and he has learned to accept others not based on how they act or look, but for who they really are. If he hadn't of met Jamie, he whole life would have been so much different from today. Walk to Remember http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-e9Ri_f7S48Y/TjwxUItTqQI/AAAAAAAAAjk/T0RcHbmgVWM/s1600/a+walk+to+remembr.jpg 1st step Finished 2nd step Last step Jamie Sullivan and Landon Carter's life. Jamie and Landon start hanging out more and fall in love. Landon takes Jamie to a homecoming dance because he couldn't find anyone to go with else that was his type. Spark Walk to Remember Jamie reveals that she has cancer called leukemia and that she is dying. To prove his love for her, Landon asks Jamie to marry her and she says yes. Right after the wedding, a tragic event happened... Jamie Sullivan had passed away. She had changed Landon Carter's life forever. She had taught him not only how to accept other for who they really are, she had taught him to believe that miracles can happen if you never give up on anything. To this day, Landon has looks up in the sky, talking to Jamie as she awaits for his arrival in heaven. And now......you have ......A Walk to Remember http://teziadvisory.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/up-arrow-icon.jpg http://www.psdgraphics.com/file/left-arrow-icon.jpg Hegbert and Landon were very disconsolate about this deplorable event, but they both knew that she was with god and this was all part of "god's plan," so that made the despair seem not as bad. Now this all made sense to Landon: why she wanted Christmas at the orphanage to be so special, why she didn't think of going to college, and why she gave Landon her Bible. This image shows that Beaufort North Carolina is located 35 o N and 75 W o Theme http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-Poikn5uin7M/TfMfeHTj46I/AAAAAAAAAXc/lF7hz0XcAkY/s1600/walk-remember-mandy-moore.jpg Jamie lays in the hospital, very sick. The theme of this story is a romance novel. It shows how to people fell and love with never thinking that this would be the kind of person I would ever like. The interesting part about this is that the events are from the past and a man is just telling a story about him and a girl. The message int he story is never judge a book by the cover and take some risks. Summary Point of View The point of view is used in a first-person content, although the main character is retelling the story, he still participates in it. (Past) main
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