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Code Compliance Traveler

No description

John Harding

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of Code Compliance Traveler

CCT Required Information
Reporting Requirements and Instruction
Inspection Report
Request for inspections
Type of Inspection
Type of work
Location of Inspection
Required Documents available
Inspection Results
Inspectors name, Inspectors signature,date of inspection date of re-inspection,Construction phase completed, Partial phase, Re-inspection approved
Code Delivery Process Training
The Code Compliance Traveler (CCT ) Structure
Completion of all fields in the report
All applicable boxes checked
Thorough inspection comments on work inspected.
Phase completed/partial phase boxes checked.
Code, spec other boxes checked
Re-inspections accounted for
General Information
High -Formality
Plans examination
Inspection records
General Information
Project Number
Bldg. Number
Construction Type
Design Occupancy Load
Description of work
Occupancy Classification

Project Lead determines project meets criteria:
Means of Egress
Change of Occupancy Classification
Design of Hazardous control areas
Fire Alarm and Suppression systems
Mods to structure and life safety systems
Optional Project lead
Plans Examination
Construction Documents prepared by Qualified/ Registered Design Professional and Independently Reviewed for Code Compliance.
Qualified Fire Protection Professional Certifies F/P Drawings are Code Compliant
Meets Exceptions
Building Official Signature
Inspection Records
Construction Phase
Temporary Certificate of Occupancy in lieu of final inspection requires Building Official authorization
Designed and Inspected for Compliance with the requirements of the code of record.
Qualified Inspector prints name
Qualified Inspector Signs
Qualified Inspector checks box. Does it meet Code
Not Applicable
Final Signature authorizes Occupancy of the Structure or Building
Project lead/project associate signs
Request for inspection filled out by the Contractor
Submitted to Inspector with 24 hrs notice when ready for inspection.
Type of inspection box checked
Type of work box checked
Location of inspection. Adequate information on the location for work being performed.
Report filled out by the Inspector
Required document available
Inspection results: Approved
Re-inspection: Not approved Complete compliance was not achieved.
Comments: thorough comments on the inspection performed describing what was looked at. If comments include see Punchlist, attach the punchlist and identify code concern by item number.
Check attachment boxes if applicable
Check Phase completed/partial phase
Inspection report example
What's important?
Any Questions?
Good example
Bad example
Inspection Reports
Reporting Examples
Contractor properly filled out contractor information.
Location is accurate and specific
Inspection comments are thorough.
All fields and information accurate and complete. All boxes checked.
Missing contract number
Box not checked for type of inspection
Inspection location not specified
Boxes not checked.
Check applicable box.
Print inspector's name, date, and check box.
Appropriate boxes are checked.
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