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Lance Armstong

No description

Nathan Tenpenny

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Lance Armstong

Lance Armstrong Lance Armstrong is the most
inspirational person of this decade It was destiny Winning triathlons at 13 Professional triathlete at 16 Training for the Olympics Making a name. First Tour DuPont Tour de France #1 by 1996 The will to win Veterans wanted to beat him Practice means perfect
Progressively ranked higher Life Changing Thought to be invincible Rarely got sick Never got hurt Time spent on a bike Excruciating Pain Get knocked down Diagnosed Less than 50% created during treatment Marathon rasing over $600,000 get back up again Fell of his bike again US Postal 7 YEARS a. "Lance Armstrong ." Lancearmstrong.org. Lance Armstrong, n.d. Web. 20 Apr 2010. <http://www.lancearmstrong.com/>. "Biography.com." bio.truestory. A&E television networks, 2009. Web. 29 Apr 2010. <http://www.biography.com>.
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