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The Kite Runner

No description

Courtney Neufeld

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of The Kite Runner

The Kite Runner
Amir is a character that endures many hardships and difficult experiences, but his spirit is not broken and he survives them all.

- he is guilt-ridden, selfish, weak, not the most admirable character

-his life focus of the novel, which allows us to examine how he survives hardships

Even though it seems as if Hassan only has one big difficulty that he overcomes- being raped- there are many small difficulties that Hassan overcomes, like his lack of education that also add to his personality and make him a better person.
Throughout the novel, Soraya goes through many troubles that are very trying and difficult. But, she is resilient and able to overcome these obstacles.

Soraya demonstrates the ability to go through hardships and become stronger in The Kite Runner.

This is seen with her ability to overcome her troubled past, her infertility and the mockery she receives for being a teacher.
-Baba is resilient and overcomes his own father being murdered. The pain of the loss of his own father motivates Baba not to be absent in the lives of his own sons.

-Baba is resilient and forgives himself for his mistake of having a relationship with Sanuabar, Ali’s wife. His guilt actually pushes him to become a better person.

-Baba is resilient and overcomes everyone’s doubt that he could be a successful businessman. He had to work extra hard to prove them wrong, and that work ethic stuck with him and made him into one of the very successful merchant he was in Kabul.
Amir does not have good parental relationships

- mother died in childbirth (pg 19), causes strain in relationship between Amir and Baba

- similar to situation in John Green's novel Looking for Alaska, how Alaska 'killed' her mother and her father blames her for this

- having Baba as the main parent a hardship, because he is distant and is hard on Amir (pg 23)

- however, Amir is resilient and betters himself through reading and writing

Amir experiences hardships with going and living in America

- he is forced to leave everything behind, adjust to living in America, work hard to have a good career and become married to Soraya, and deal with losing Baba

- after trials, he ends up being a well established person (pg 221)
Amir witnesses a violent tragedy

- this is a very traumatizing experience, he didn't know how to handle it or what to do (pg 71)

- chooses to look after his own well-being, but is deeply affected by his choice (pg 86)

- however, Amir deals with these feelings and tries to avoid them; that doesn't work so he tries to atone for the hurts he caused, which makes him a better person
Farid stays resilient after many hardships and tragedies he faces but still try's to make people's lives better.

Family's hardship does not interfere with them doing the things that they view are right and the values they live by.
Our resilience is amazing. We are so fragile yet so strong, kind of like this kite. We are able to overcome great tragedies, which at times can seem insurmountable. But often our resilience in overcoming tragedy results in a better future. Just like how when a kite breaks, it results in a newer, better design. One of the great qualities of humans is our resilience and our ability to learn from our tragedies and hardships.
Introduction and Thesis
Humans are extremely resilient and able to overcome hardship; they often can learn from a tragedy and become a stronger and better person because of the tragedy.

Amir, Hassan, Soraya, Farid, andBaba from The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini all experience tragedy, but are resilient and overcome and learn from their tragic experiences.
Lack of Education

-Being a Hazara servant, Hassan grows up with no education

-When Hassan grows up he learns the basic skills of reading and writing

-Hassan appreciates these simple skills that we take advantage of
Connection: Cathleen Eddison
Cathleen Eddison finally earns her certificate after dropping out of her Victoria high school.

Eddison left her Victoria school because her family struggled through the end of the Great Depression. Took a job as a switchboard operator to help them.


-negatively affected directly after events

-negatively affects relationship with Amir and pushes his family to move away from lifelong friend and biological father

-Hassan overcomes difficulties to marry an raise son, Sohrab

-Hassan stands up to the Taliban
Has to deal with people gossiping and judging her because of her past relationship.

“‘ I didn’t step out of the house for weeks. And when I did, I heard whispers or imagined them
everywhere I went. That was four years ago and three thousand miles away and I’m still hearing
them’” (Hosseini 179).

Because of this, Soraya’s reputation is ruined, and it is four years until she has another suitor.

“‘ make one mistake and I have to have my face rubbed in it for the rest of my life’” ( Hosseini 179)
Her relationship and marriage to Amir help her become stronger and begin to heal and try to
forget the past.

Soraya is able to become more resilient and strong. Begins to ignore what people say.
Soraya is able to be a teacher, despite what her parents think of teaching.

Tells Amir that since she was in grade four, she’s “‘want[ed] to be a teacher... always wanted
to”’ (Hosseini 150). She knows that’s what she wants to do, and so she sets out to become a
Her parents are not very supportive of her; her “‘ father wants [her] to go to law school, [her]
mother’s always throwing hints about medical school”’ (Hosseini 151). Her father also tells her
“‘Anyone can teach”’ (Hosseini 181).
Soraya overcomes their rudeness and does become a teacher.

Soraya has to confront her inability to have a baby.

Tells Amir “‘ I’ve always dreamed that I’d hold [a baby] in my arms... that I’d look into it’s eyes
one day and be startled to see you and me, that it would grow up having your smile or mine”'
(Hosseini 187).

Soraya’s parents don’t help her feel any better, as they make frequent innuendos about a baby.
She is able to overcome this by being content with just loving Amir.

The loss of a father is very traumatizing, but Baba still manages to pick himself up and become a successful businessman and father

Baba is an extremely busy businessman, but he always makes time for his son’s

Amir: Baba sometimes comes on strong with his efforts, his advice often makes Amir feel not good enough, but the sentiment is there. Baba cares enough to try to pass on wisdom to Amir.

Hassan: Baba cannot outrightly claim Hassan as his son, but he looks out for him by keeping Hassan on as his servant. “‘[Hassan is] not going anywhere’. . . ‘He’s staying right here with us where he belongs. This is his home and we’re his family’” (Hosseini 90)

Baba is resilient and overcomes everyone’s doubt that he could be a successful businessman

-He didn’t let his family’s opinions hold him back, instead he, "proves them wrong, [and] became one of the richest merchants in Kabul” (15)

-His learned strong work ethic is what made him successful

Baba is still close friends with Ali and Hassan, which leads us to inference that he has forgiven himself enough to be able to still have a friendship with them

His guilt drives him to be a better person. He is constantly making up for his sin by:

-Donating money to build an orphanage

-Trying to teach Amir morals, so he will be a better person than Baba was

-Standing up to stop the Russian soldier from raping the young Afghani mother and tells him that, “War doesn’t negate decency. It demands it, even more than in times of peace” (115)

-Farid lost children, and fingers and toes in land mine

-Fought against shorawi

-Lost father and watched him die
Moves his family to Peshawar after accident so they can be safer

-Found a way to view his hardships as being not a big deal

-Helps Amir find Sohrab

-Takes Amir to hospital and stays with him as long as he can

Connection: Irish potato famine
-Large death and emigration

-British government would not help

-Able to get through the change

-Becomes a prosperous country after it finished

-Stayed proud in culture

-The people who moved still stayed strong with their Irish heritage and spread it around their new countries.
Farid's Family
-Family is starving

-Lives in small village still in Afghanistan

-Dealing with terror of Taliban

-Still able to be good people

-Are polite and positive to Amir

-Offer him food and drink when they were starving themselves

-Shows kindness to Amir
By: Cassy, Brittany, Courtney, Nicole and Fiona
Connection: Rick Hansen
Rick Hansen is very resilient and overcame the horrible tragedy of being paralyzed from the waist down. His tragedy did not stop him from following his passions and actually inspired him to devote his life to raising money for spinal cord research.

Very passionate about sports, especially volleyball and basketball

Involved in a car accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down at the age of 15

He did not let this hold him back and remained involved in sports, changing his focus to wheelchair basketball and racing

Connection: Queen Elizabeth I
She reined from 1558 to 1603, and had to overcome many obstacles.

Was considered to be a “bastard” because her parents were never married. Had to fight to make other nobles believe she could be a legitimate Queen.

Elizabeth also had to overcome stereotypes about being a female Queen. When she first came to
power, there was a lot of doubt as to ability to be a proper ruler, because she was a woman.

Both of these hardships were overcome by Elizabeth, and she proved to England that despite her
birth and gender, she was an amazing and powerful ruler.

Amir rescues and cares for Sohrab

- He is forced to confront his past when Rahim Khan calls and make a choice

- He decides to save Sohrab and is resilient in his task, even when it is dangerous

- He shows strength in spirit by being at peace with choice (pg 289)Amir escapes and recovers, but has issues bringing Sohrab to America

- it is devastating to him when Sohrab attempts suicide and then goes silent. He is resilient and perseveres; he cares for him, and is rewarded with a smile (371)
People have to face difficulties of moving to a better country

- my grandparents met a girl in South America, and resolved to bring her to Canada

- problems getting in, living here, and staying here

- however, now she probably will stay for good, and is blessed with a job, home, and family

- this is similar to how Amir was resilient about living in America and bringing Sohrab; they survived and now live better because of their efforts

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