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Television: Drugs & Alcohol

A deeper look at the use of media and advertisements.

Kyle Chen

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Television: Drugs & Alcohol

Television: Drugs & Alcohol
Drugs are like this little emoji, innocent looking and harmless. But, when drugs are not used responsibly, they can grow into a big, big problem.
(I'm a drug)
What exactly is a drug?
Meet Joe.
"Drugs are substances that have physiological effects when ingested or otherwise introduced to the human body."
Now what does that mean?
Drugs affect the human body, both positively and negatively
There are many humans populating this planet, with many different decisions being made each day.
Some of these decisions are unwise, however. . .
Don't look Seaeun
Drug usage is against the law, unless prescribed by a doctor. Don't let the media fool you.
The Media is dangerous. Their usage of idolatry display and sexual preferences are having great success in the commercial/ad business, especially dealing with drugs and alcohol.
We can this. Together, we can practice protecting our minds against the
false messages
that the media portrays, and to grow up and make
choices that benefit both ourselves
and others
Smoking is a
Nicotine is most commonly found in cigarettes. It is the #1 most addictive drug.
In the world.
problem in the
Lots of research has gone into looking into the effects of smoking.
good has been found.
And yet...

the media promotes smoking
It's not that humans don't wanna stop smoking...
but rather, humans can't
themselves from smoking.
What is alcohol?
"A colorless volatile flammable liquid that is the
constituent of wine, beer, spirits, and other drinks, and is also used as an
industrial solvent
and as
-The Dictionary
Basically, alcohol is a liquid that can cause one to be drunk if it is consumed too much.
"Drinking is an activity that makes you cool, mature, and gets you all the ladies."
-The Media
Not Really.
Guys are not
like this.
Gokul Gowri, Brian Moon, Kyle Chen
Alcohol companies target 12-20 year olds
you think
this is cool?
'cause i do.
Meet Joseph.
What can we do about this?
Know that the media is biased.
Don't succumb to peer pressure.
Talk to a trusted adult.
can be
What is being done?
Trying to illegalize smoking ad.
CDC Ad Campaign.
More awareness on effects.
People are fighting...
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