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Compositional Risk

No description

Kelsey Pedersen

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Compositional Risk

Questions, anyone?

Conversation between characters
Can introduce/elaborate
Can make your writing come alive

Sound words

Example: Buzz, zip, boom, meow

Sensory Details
Descriptive words that describe
the five senses.

What are the five senses?
Vivid Word Choice
Descriptive and specific
words from all parts of speech

Example: vivid verbs, precise words.
A comparison between two unlike objects using the words "like" or "as"

Example: She was as brave as a lion,
He was smart like a fox
A comparison between two unlike items that DOES NOT use the words "like" or "as"

Example: "She has a heart of stone" or "time is money"

Giving human qualities to non-human objects

Example: "Look at my car. She is a beauty, isn't she?"
A description of a feeling/thought without directly stating the feeling/thought

Example, anyone?
Thought shots
A description of what the main
character is thinking/feeling at a
specific moment. Can be used as a lead.

Example: “‘This is it,’ I thought. ‘This is the big moment, and you’re blowing it.’ As my classmates looked on at me with hard, judging eyes…I deeply wanted to impress them, to fit in, to not be an outcast, to have friends....
Painting a picture with your words and/or using imagery to provide the reader with a clear picture.

Example: “I walk into the enormous stadium of 50,000 plus people. All of them shouting player’s names. I look all around the stadium. Every single piece of it is historical, from home plate to monument park...
Extreme exaggeration

Example: "I wish I could sleep forever" or "This book weighs a ton."
A phrase/sentence that means something different than its literal meaning.

Example: "I hit the jackpot," "Having a chip on your shoulder," or "a piece of cake."
The repetition of the same letter or sound in nearby words.

Example: She sells sea-shells down by the sea-shore
Meaningful Repetition
Repeating a phrase or sentence for emphasis; not just one word.
Describing a scene from the past to build suspense and characterization

It can be used as a lead
Rhetorical Question
A question that is used to get the reader to think deeper about your ideas

Not meant to be answered

Not effective when used to repeat a prompt
Writers Voice
Anything that sets your writing apart from others such as humor, repetition, or unique vocabulary
Advanced "Stretched" Vocabulary
Words that are beyond average

Impress the reader with (appropriate/suitable) vocabulary
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