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No description

ahmed eltaybany

on 15 October 2014

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Transcript of DRUG ABUSE

How are Prescription Drugs Abused?!

Drug Abuse
Team 4

cute drugs?!
Actualy they are evil drugs.
Drug abuse ?!

it is the exceeded or diminished dose of drugs
Your fast lifestyle causes drug abuse .
So think that no time to see .. doctors
don't take your friend's described drugs as:

there are many factors affect on the
**type , dose and the rout of admen.
like: age,sex,weight and history.
The Pharmacist can't diagnose or prescribe ....he can just Distract medicines

Drugs is Not Candy
Past Experience
many people in our society depend on their past experience using a specific drug treating specific symptoms so they diagnose and prescribe to themselves !
and it might be common symptoms for other disease

To get high
some people abuse drugs to get high euphoric mood

Our Life Style
Family And Friends
Chiropractic therapy reliefs back pain
anti high cholesterol group
Antinasal rhinitis group
anti diabetes group
Anti depressants
Anti insomnia group
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