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Sahara Desert

No description

Mason Laney

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of Sahara Desert

The Horned Viper, Many people think that the Sahara desert was once lush with plants and life. However, due to an extreme climate change, the area became barren desert. THE SAHARA DESERT The
Beetle, The Dromedary Camel, SAHARA DESERT FORMATION Some animals are: And The DeathStalker Scorpion Scorpions Venom is concentrated
enough to kill a young or very old
person. It would not kill a full
grown adult but would
cause serious pain. The
smaller scorpions are actually the deadly ones where as the bigger scorpions are not as lethal. The Santaria Cactus-
its purple! The Cholla are especially popular nest sites for birds, even though the needles are poisonous! You could even die if you fell into Cholla and got totally embedded - not just because of the poison prickes, but you probably would not be able to detach yourself from it! Some desert plants are: The Fig Tree, The Tuareg's are nomadic
people who have a close
relationship with camels Tuareg people -can grow up to 50
centimeters in length
-venom will cause tissue damage and destroy blood cells
-endangered species To survive in the desert you first would need to know the dangers like the sandstorms, and then how to protect your self from them. Also, you should not travel alone. what if you are ill,who will help you? There are no hospitals for miles. You should have a group of 3 to 4 people if you are traveling in the Sahara. One thing you can do is take turns sleeping, so one of you can stay awake, looking for dangers. Next, see if you can get a camel from someone. They are well adapted to the Sahara and can carry you. They can also produce dung, which makes great fuel for a fire. You should bring a person who might know were the oases are. Bring lots of water and dried foods. They won't spoil very fast. Be careful, the Sahara desert has extreme weather, and many dangerous creatures. So bring a sleeping bag! the dung beetle
survives entirely off of
animal dung. It rolls dung
across the desert floor to it's home and feeds off of it. The male does most of the work. -Arabian origin
-They store fat in their humps
-Drink up to 100 liters of water in 10 min
-Long legs to keep them further
away from the hot sand
-Big flat feet to keep them from sinking into the sand The fig tree reaches a height of
6 meters. It is also one of the
staple foods of the desert. FUN FACTS Hello hello Weathering and erosion creates
a vast sea of sand dunes It might sound strange, but the peaks in the desert are snow capped during the winter. . hi hi By:Mason Laney,
Isabelle Breen,
Greta Thrower,and
Robert Robinson scorpions glow under ultraviolet light scorpions can slow down their metabolism to one bug per year PREZI FORMATTING: Robert Robinson & Mason Laney (Some done by Isabelle Breen & Greta Thrower, too)
ANIMAL & PLANT INFO: Greta Thrower &Mason Laney
WHAT WOULD YOU DO: Written By Isabelle Breen, Edited by Robert Robinson
FUN FACTS: Isabelle Breen
MESSING UP PREZI: Isabelle Breen
TUAREG PEOPLE FACTS: Isabelle Breen hi hi
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