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What makes this a great place to work?

A Group Collaborration Concept

Vizwerx Group LLC

on 29 December 2014

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Transcript of What makes this a great place to work?

Atlanta, Ga
To find out more,
call 678-756-2112
- or-
visit www.vizwerx.com


( Graphical Journal)
This is a potential template to be used by teams to help capture their top 5.
We create a backdrop using a few areas the company's top executives listed as the things that they believe "Make this a great place to work".

We would gather this information in interviews conducted before the conference starts and validate it with you before going final. Enhancements can be made on the fly but the main themes would be agreed to before the meeting starts.
The large backdrop is divided into puzzle pieces; one to represent each area.
We build the "secret message" into the grid with a "connect the dots game" and a "paint by numbers" scheme.
In this example, the "secret message" is that
one of the most important things that makes this a great place to work is.....
We could re-create the final output in "print ready" format after the conference for reproduction as large posters, on placemats, mousepads or even an online presentation like this one, to help communicate the messages from the meeting to a broader audience.
Here is the fully painted and assembled picture that can be projected on the big screen(s) on the stage and/or around the room by the event production company using a long lens camera.
As groups finish, they begin to assemble the puzzle.
The final product is physically quite large, so part of the challenge is figuring out how to how to get it re-assembled.
After the first group exercise is complete, we add the
results to a large copy of the original backdrop.

We do some editing but strive to keep as much original work as possible.
Have you ever been asked to put together a memorable group collaboration exercise and didn't know where to start?
Imagine a collaboration exercise that focuses on the question
In the words of Tomi Nagai-Rothe of The Grove Consulting, when asked about the one thing to say to sell a skeptical person on a graphically facilitated meeting,
"People will share more ideas, see how their work fits into the bigger picture and remember what they signed up to do"
sometimes we record parts of the "creative process" and incorporate it in a post meeting video that you can use to show a broader audience how the final big picture was created.
Concept Space
Your Company Logo
"What Makes This a Great Place to Work?"
The following concept presentation was created after a short customer conversation to address just such a challenge.
Each speaker incorporates one of the puzzle pieces into their presentation.
Each team is asked to list the top 5 things "that make this a great place to work"
We cut the mural into "team size" pieces
This part of the exercise tests
TeamWork, Intergroup Communication & Coordination
, and other critical team skills

There is very little guidance. It is up to the group to figure out how to put the pieces together.

Not unlike real life, right?
The next question is "how do you make the message last longer than the conference?"
We hope the visual collaboration exercise goes a long way towards making that happen but just in case......
So, why take an approach like this?
and wasn't that the goal?
Do you see it?
Let us help you innovate
Then fun begins!
At an appropriate breakpoint in the agenda the attendees are divided into teams to do a collaborative exercise.
In the final exercise, each team is given a single piece of the puzzle and asked to "connect the dots" and "paint by number".

They will have markers and paint to complete the task.
5 ft
6 ft
and that was the goal, right?
The pieces are displayed electronically on the big screens in the front of the room during the group exercise(s).
Imagine the audience reaction!
- All Rights Reserved -
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