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David Handsor

on 23 January 2014

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Learning Experience
Data Collection and Display
Process Mapping
Apply Basic
Lean Concepts
Kaizen (philosophy of ongoing improvement):

Team approach that quickly identifies inefficiencies in a process and generates solutions.

When to Apply Kaizen?

Kaizen Framework + Deliverables
Sample Event Charter
Business Case:

How will this event drive strategic goals?
Supports initiative to improve efficiency of admissions process enabling Guelph to process offers of admission quicker while reducing use of paper.

Why is it important to do now?
OGS projects growth in enrollment and therefore growth in conditional offers processed
New process of uploading unofficial documents will lead to more conditional offers to be processed

What customers will benefit?
OGS staff responsible for processing offers of admission
Applicants awaiting response from admissions
Problem Statement:

What problem is the event addressing?
The need to manually reviewing documents received to determine whether they are associated with an incomplete application or a conditional offer

Where and when does the problem occur?
When documents are received in the mail for scanning

What are the defects with current process?
Workstudy students scan incoming documents without knowing whether the intent of the document submitted was to complete an application or to satisfy a condition on an offer of admission
Baseline Perforance?
How many conditional offers are processed per academic year?
Average time it takes for a 'conditional offer' to be processed as a 'final offer'?
Measure date imported vs date application status changes from conditional to final? (data pulled from ImageNow)




Applicant mails in document
Applicant requests status update
Admin are backlogged
OGS receives doc.
Reviews doc type
Marks a regular doc or final doc
Updates status to rec'd in SIS
Inserts into SA bin
SA checks bin and verifies document
SA verifies document correctly processed
SA processes offer from conditional to definite

Course Feedback:

Useful for small scale process improvement initiatives

Integrates principles and methods from other methodologies

Simple, identifies quick fixes, determines cause and affect

Must have data available
Generate Solution Ideas

Discoveries from Lean Analysis
Project Goals
Root Causes
Ideas from other projects
Performance Targets
Results from VOC:
Process is time consuming
Frequent errors
Challenges in training work study students to Q/A documents
Applicants phoning in to request status of their offer
Root Cause Analysis: 5 Whys

Some of this information can be done by searching for information within ImageNow and exporting to CSV to be manipulated in Excel

i.e. time in queue, date imported, last activity, etc.
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