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Being Innovative: Teaching with Style

You love teaching but, sometimes you need money to put gas in your car. Learn simple steps to help your classroom and have some extra money at the same time. But please, don’t try to sell me another tote bag, piece of jewelry or make-up product.

Haley Wallace

on 10 May 2016

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Transcript of Being Innovative: Teaching with Style

Being Innovative:
Teaching with Style

Think about your talents and skills, what can you offer a company:

o Write curriculum
o Social media plug
o Social Media management
o Photography/videography
o Trainer Others
o Classroom management
o Music
o Pilot a product in your classroom
o Write a Product Review
o Coding
o Programming

How did I find these places:

Technology Expos/Conferences
Looking at the products I use in my classroom
Teacher Blogs (http://www.kleinspiration.com/ )
Networking with Other Teachers

Places that are looking for Talent:

Pixel Press
Buck Institute for Education
Brain Balance
Imagine Learning
GoNoodle(Not looking now, but keep checking and ask!)
Any company that has curriculum/program they have trainers
(think of all the PD trainings you have been pulled out of class for)

Learning.com (Technology)
DreamBox Learning (Math)
True North Logic (PD Tracker)
Capstone (Reading)
Imagine Learning (Literacy)
Google Edu (Google Certified)
SMART Technologies

Scholastic (Don’t see a job you like, ask): http://goo.gl/zpw4w2
Be a Teacherpreneur with Center For Teaching Quality: http://goo.gl/Cnd7dd
Site for National jobs in education provided by ASCD: http://goo.gl/Wz5mEM

Haley Wallace
Account Manager


Link for this Prezi

My Story
Technology Teacher
Bump Armor
When they have a “Meet the Team” If you don’t see any educators there, that is a great opportunity for YOU. How can they make all these products for teachers and students if they don’t have any educators on staff? That gives you the chance to suggest the skills you have to offer and how you would be an asset to the company.
Check Company sites frequently:
Example: TechSmith
(They created Camtasia and Jing)
Their whole business is not geared toward education. But a large part of it is, if they are going to dedicate that much space on their site for education, it means something to them.
There are tips and videos for teachers. Who is feeding them this information? It’s not sales, engineers or data analysts – it’s current or former teachers or technology coaches
You can always offer to work with a company, worst they can say is no.

Interactive technology curriculum for K-8
See job qualifications: http://goo.gl/6tuCwO
An App company that allows students to create their own video game
They are inviting you to share YOUR skills!
Buck Institute for Education
This is not targeted as an educational company, but I definitely see the possibilities
Influencing your classroom but also helping
teachers nation-wide
Specializes in Reading and ESL
Specializes with SPED
(More of an option to be a trainer)
Specializes in Game based Learning
Seeking Professional Development Specialists to train teachers to use Learning.com Solutions in their classroom
Don't be afraid to brag on yourself and tell a company the great things you could do for them!
Learning.com - http://goo.gl/6tuCwO
DreamBox Learning - http://goo.gl/0uytzO
True North Logic - http://goo.gl/6Cd19v
Capstone - http://goo.gl/Ja7nh0
Imagine Learning - http://goo.gl/2bkeTj
SMART - http://goo.gl/f5QZKr
Promethean - http://goo.gl/Cb1PWQ
Google - http://goo.gl/rZT87k
Don't get discouraged!
Just because it's not listed, doesn't mean they aren't looking
Share: Have you worked with a company in the past or presently?

How did it benefit your classroom?
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