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No description

Tavia Hrabovsky

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of Weathering,

Erosion by water
Here the water has been pulling things down with the current.
Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition 2/6 Ferguson
By:Haley Wilson

As you can see here the water has been running against the rocks for a long time
Here the rocks in the water have been hit really hard that piece by piece fell off the rocks.

Weathering by ice
Erosion by wind
Here the wind has been hitting the rock and carrying remains away.
weathering by wind
Here the wind has been hitting it so hard and so long that it started to get holes in the structure.
Here the wind has been hitting it for along time that it started to carve the structure into something.
wind can be very powerful
and so powerful that it can
even start to carve into
Weathering by the water
Here it has been raining
for a long time and it has
been wearing down the rock.
Water can also change the way things are.
As you see in the following pictures water has been hitting it and taking stuff with it.
weathering by waves
Here the waves have been pushing against the shoreline and it has been bringing little pieces of rock too.
waves can be massive or small but
either way the still get sand, a rock or something else.
Here water has gone into the rock,got frozen,and expanded.
Here the water has
went through the rock
and frozen which made it
crack open.
Ice can cause weathering by
going into something and freezing.
And here the rocks have been hit by wind and carried away to someone else.
The wind can be very powerful so powerful that it can cause erosion.
Here the water has been pulling things down
water can pull things down under into the current which moves it.
Erosion by waves
Here the waves have hit the wall many
times and it has taken things down with it.
Here the water went over the
structure and pulled things down with the wave.
Waves are bigger and stronger the other erosion types.
Erosion by ice
Here the ice freezes over
and it falls with stuff.
Here the ice froze and when it starts melting it will take some things with it.
Ice can either fall apart or start to make a stream once it starts to melt.
Deposition by wind
Here different types of
sand or soil are mixed together.
Here sand flew with the wind onto the grass
Here in the pics. the sand was being carried by the wind to a new destination.
Deposition by water
here it rains and goes into the lake.
Here the washed up things are on shore.
water moves or washes
things up some where else.
Deposition by waves
Here stuff has been washed to shore by waves.
Here the rocks have been carried away onto shore.
waves are like water deposition
because the can move
things by water.
Deposition by ice
Here water was flowing down and it froze with stuff inside it.
Here stuff was in the water and it froze and became ice.
It is just frozen water with soil sand or something like that.
fun fact
Some times wind can carve
funny , interesting, cool things.
fun fact
Water made the grand canyon by
wearing it down.
fun fact
waves can make the skinniest of rocks.
fun fact
Ice can be powerful enough to break down a mountain.
fun fact
wind can carry a tong of stuff.
fun fact
water can pull a lot of things down to the floor of
the river or lake.
fun fact
waves are very powerful so powerful
that it can pull massive things to
the ocean floor.
fun fact
ice can put weight on things which make it
break down and fall apart.
fun fact
when the wind stops and lets things fall to
the ground,it can make very colorful things.
fun facts
stuff in water can go to many different places.
fun facts
waves can wash many unique
things to shore.
fun facts
usually it becomes water and freezes with different stuff inside it.
definition of weathering
weathering-the varius mechanical and
chemical processes that cause exposed rock
to decomposed
definition of erosion
erosion-the process by which the surface of the earth is
worn away by the action of water,glaciers,winds,waves,
definition of deposition
deposition-the state of being deposited or precipitated:
deposition of soil at the mouth of a river
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