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Derek Jeter

No description

Grace Witt

on 27 January 2016

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Transcript of Derek Jeter

It's a Boy!
Derek Jeter was born June 26, 1974
Born in Pequannock Township, New Jersey
Moved to Kalamazoo, Michigan when he was very young
Starting the Journey
Getting Noticed
In high school Jeter got awards for baseball that included:
American High School Coaches Association's 1992
High School Player of the Year
1992 Gatorade High School Athlete of the Year
USA Today's High School Player of the Year
Becoming Derek Jeter
Selected by the New York Yankees with the sixth overall pick in the June 1992 draft
May 29 of 1995 he made his debut playing the Seattle Mariners
opening day of 1996 season Jeter hit a home run- the Yankees won
First full season of baseball he batted .314 with 10 home runs
helped the Yankees win the world series against the Atlanta Braves
won the 1996 American League Rookie of the Year Award for his performance during the season.
Lasting Impact
Number 2, Jeter's retired number
5 golden glove awards
American league star
Derek Jeter
A Little Challenge
Derek Jeter has been a Yankee fan since he was a boy even though he was born in New Jersey and then lived in Michigan
Went to Yankee games with his grandmother
His father taught Jeter from a young age about how to be a shortstop
Jeter played little league for baseball.
When he tried out he got a second basemen instead of shortstop
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