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Airbus logistic

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juju cece

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of Airbus logistic

Airbus logistic
Airbus Presentation
Classic Logistic
A380 Logistic
Airbus Presentation

Classic logistic

A380 logistic
Airbus was founded in 1970.
Airbus is an aircraft manufacturing subsidiary of EADS, a European aerospace company.
Based in Blagnac, in the area of Toulouse.
With significant activity across Europe, the company produces approximately half of the world's jet airliners.

Major structural sections of the A380 are built in France, Germany, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

Airbus use multimodal transport:
Transport by Roro
Transport by barge
Transport by road convoy

Shipping is provided by three RoRo vessels specially built in China and Singapore.
These three ships perform rotations between Germany, UK, Spain and France (Pauillac and Saint-Nazaire).

Wings, for example, travel by barge along the River Dee from Broughton in North Wales to the Dee estuary, where they are loaded onto a large capacity roll-on roll-off vessel. The craft is used to move aircraft sections by sea to the port of Pauillac, near Bordeaux.

After loading these elements, the ship goes to Saint-Nazaire.
It unloads the components that will be assembled on site.
The main caracteristic of airbus is this one : There is not just some factories in only one country but there is factories in France, Germany, UK, Belgium and Spain. So it’s a big challenge to gather all the pieces of an airbus.
This company employs around 63,000 people at sixteen sites in four European Union countries: France, Germany, the United Kingdom and Spain.
He has filiales in the United States, Japan, China and India.
The super-guppy (1971-1995)
The Beluga (since 1995)
Locations of the Airbus' factories
As for other Airbus aircraft programmes, production of the A380 takes place in different sites across Europe. Each site produces completely equipped sections, which are transported to final assembly .

The assembly is located on the site of the Toulouse-Blagnac airport or Hamburg-Finkenwerder airport in Germany.

Most A380 sections are transported to Toulouse by sea, river and road.
A number of smaller components, such as the vertical fin produced in Stade or the nose section produced in Meaulte, France, are carried in Airbus’ Beluga fleet.
The Airbus A380 is a long-haul jet airliner.
It is the world's largest passenger airliner.
Many airports have upgraded their facilities to accommodate it because of its size.
A380 components on a barge
Transport by road
Transport by The Beluga
If the Beluga is not the main means of transport, however, is used for medium-sized pieces.
All large A380 sections are transported by truck from inland production sites to the nearest river or sea port.
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